What is ImmunoTherapy?

This is the post excerpt.

ImmunoTherapy consists of building the immune system in every way possible to fight, prevent & treat disease. By removing immune compromising lifestyle choices & replacing them with pure, organic immune building components found in nature, damaged cells can actually be rebuilt & repaired, even. The same genes that turn on cancer are the same genes that turn off cancer, when given micronutrients found in fresh, organic, raw veggie juice. Juicing everyday is essential when battling any kind of disease and really so many people are vitamin deficient these days that everyone should be juicing.

What are Immune Compromising Lifestyle Choices?

Well, to name a few~





*Skin & Bodycare Products~http://www.naturesmysteries.net/Toxins-Skin-Care/

Some we can have control over & can change…some…not so much.

Which is all the more reason to make the necessary changes where you can… because there are some choices we make that are unavoidable, like getting in a car everyday, not much choice there. But do you have to choose to drink something that will take the paint off of a car? is the question….

If we look at each of those very briefly~

*Diet~the American diet is actually disease causing, between the GMO’s that are not even allowed in other countries, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, soda, etc….did you know that one can of c0kE can shut down 1/2 of your immune system for 4 hours?!!! As a cancer patient you definitely cannot afford that…and that’s just one thing you are consuming, not to mention everything you else eat all day long.

*Microwaves~when food is cooked in a microwave, it actually changes the cells within the food into carcinogens…aka cancer causing! How can it be called food if it causes cancer, food is supposed to nourish the body…sustain life.

*Technology~the amount of time spent with your device in your hand, on your person, or near your head while your sleeping is enough to cause cancer. They are now teaching students from fourth grade through college that cell phones cause cancer & that you should not sleep with them within 4 feet of your bed!

*Environment~depending on where we live, we could be drinking polluted water…chlorinated, fluoridated water, etc. We can be breathing toxic pollution from factories nearby, exhaust, perfumes, bleach, cleaning products, etc.

*Skincare Choices~our skin is our largest organ, absorbing 60% of what we put on it. Most products sold contain toxic, cancer causing chemicals because there are no regulations on bodycare products in the US at this time. Even products labeled organic & natural, sold in health food stores & co-ops, can still contain these chemicals.

I compiled a booklet that I give to my customers that details the toxins used in bodycare products, their derivative & what part of your body they affect, so consumers can take it home. Look in your medicine chest, see if these toxic chemicals are lurking in your own home & throw them out! If not & you choose to give yourself cancer, at least you are making an educated decision. Noone is here to protect us, we need to educate ourselves~Here is a link to that information~http://www.naturesmysteries.net/Toxins-Skin-Care/

We see that many of the choices we make in a day can compromise our immune system. If we are not immune compromised, we might not even notice. But if we are, these should be avoided at all costs. Our immune system has to be what cures us, not medication.




Author: wildflowerimmuno

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Cannabinoid Clinician, Essential Oil Coach, Homeopath, Herbalist, Reiki Master, studying to get my PhD in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition and am a Graduate of The Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum. Also the author of Discover The Essence of Plant Medicine, The Five Principles of Lifesaving Herbs Book and Herbal Course. I facilitate a Triple CBD Workshop Series and am passionate about Alternative Healing Therapies & am anxious to share them with you!

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