I Call Bullshit!

So, we’re in the process of looking for a new Dr. because ours left family practice. We ended up with this ‘Dr.’ who actually tapped her fingers while my husband was talking. Yup! And while he was releasing alot of emotion about how the thought of death always lingers at the back of your mind once they tell you that you are going to die and that their cure for you only has a 35% chance & that you only have a 35% chance of living 5 years out, she actually responded with ‘Noone’s getting out of here alive.’ Okay, if that’s all your doctor can come up with, how compassionate can you expect them to be? While my husband unloaded a flood of emotion, she kept opening her mouth trying to interrupt him and seriously, rolled her eyes at her defeated effort to interrupt him. She kept darting her eyes and lifting her eyebrows, I mean it was sooo offensive, disrespectful, downright rude!! She actually said, ‘We have no idea why good people get disease’, she told Ig, he has no control over his disease, that it has nothing to do with the choices he’s made in his life, and that coffee has gotten the slip of acceptance, now, that they are finding out that coffee drinkers live longer, when Ig told her how he stopped drinking coffee because he learned how much it dehydrates you, ‘ha ha’, she laughed, ‘that has nothing to do with it!’ How could someone in the medical profession be so naive? We don’t know why good people get disease?! We know all kinds of reasons why people get cancer and a whole myriad of disease, alot of them relating back to GMO’s and the inflammation they cause in your system. Not to mention if you are rubbing toxic chemicals on your skin, which is your largest organ, absorbing 60% of whatever you apply to it. How about EMF’s & Cell phones linked to brain cancer? Is she kidding? How is she supposed to give you any helpful advice if she doesn’t even have a clue where disease begins? This is what people are left with, if this is what your doctor is like, find another one! Find one that can tell you how to sustain & nourish your body, one who looks at what might have caused your disease or discomfort, one who knows about Epigenetics, and if you can’t find one in the conventional medical system, find one that will work with your conventional doctor. They are out there. If you choose conventional therapies, herbs can ameliorate many of the symptoms they cause. They are working for you, empower yourself, step up, don’t be afraid of their white coat, speak for yourself. This is the beginning of your healing journey & it begins with being your own best advocate!

Author: wildflowerimmuno

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Cannabinoid Clinician, Essential Oil Coach, Homeopath, Herbalist, Reiki Master, studying to get my PhD in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition and am a Graduate of The Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum. Also the author of Discover The Essence of Plant Medicine, The Five Principles of Lifesaving Herbs Book and Herbal Course. I facilitate a Triple CBD Workshop Series and am passionate about Alternative Healing Therapies & am anxious to share them with you!

2 thoughts on “I Call Bullshit!”

  1. Right on ! The doctor has a God complex. I’m so sorry Ig and you had to endure that. There are some real beauts in this world. Move on and carry on. You got this!

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