Everyone Has Cancer?

Yes, everyone’s body naturally has cancer cells in it, a healthy immune system that is functioning at it’s optimal level will find any cancerous cells and destroy them. It is the beauty of the human body in it’s infinite intelligence.

When we make poor choices that hinder our immune system function is when it misses the cancer cells that keep reproducing, going by unnoticed. It is like a miscommunication. Your immune system can do alot, but it can really only do so much and a specific amount of functions at any one given time. If your toxic overload is too high, then it becomes overloaded, clogged, bogged down, performing at in inferior level, put it however your brain understands it, but it is challenged. And if you keep challenging it, it will start reacting. Your body tries to send you signals so that you will stop making these unhealthy decisions, such as heartburn, gas, indigestion, bloating, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, joint pain, headaches, difficulty breathing even…but do we listen? No, we reach for the tums, tylenol, advil, any other number of over the counter drugs that I’m not familiar with but you probably are if you frequent Rite Aid or Kinney. The majority of cancers are not caused by organic chemical imbalances in the body, they are caused by external factors, environmental and our personal choices. Because someone in your family had cancer definitely does not necessarily mean that you have to. The same genes that turn on cancer are the same genes that turn it off with micronutrients.

If we remove our toxic overload, remove the causes, diminish our inflammation and discomfort or dis-ease, then our body can start putting it’s energy into healing instead of fighting…inflammation, disease and toxins it comes in contact with.

And if you are wondering what ‘poor choices’ I could be speaking of, because people never want to think that ‘they’ could be the one causing this dis-ease in their body.

Food- If you’re food choices are not fresh, healthy, organic, life sustaining foods then herein lies the problem. GMO’s cause inflammation, it is becoming more and more common knowledge that inflammation is the root of all disease. If we can remove the inflammation…by removing the components that cause it, then it opens our immune system up to really start fighting whatever diseases have progressed while it’s function was impaired. If you are sick, stop eating out! Your food needs to be prepared lovingly by someone you know who cares about you and puts healing intention into it. Not to mention you know what goes into it, which is imperative to the healing process. If you have cancer, remember, everything you put in your mouth is either feeding your immune system or the cancer. One can of soda has enough sugar in it to breakdown 1/2 of your immune system for four hours!! That’s just one can of soda, not to mention any other sugar you are consuming throughout the day. If you have cancer, as a cancer patient, you cannot afford to have ANY percent of your immune system not working for any portion of the day. Eating a 1/4 cup of peaches twice a week lowers a woman’s chances of breast cancer by 40% I think it was. And for anyone interested, I have a whole workshop centered around avoiding breast cancer that the same Dr. (that I’m not quoting very well right there,) derived with 7 Essential Steps to Eliminating and Avoiding Breast Cancer. I will be more than willing to give you my login, if any of you are interested….

Nutritional Deficiencies- How often when you go to your Dr. do they ask you what you’ve been eating? If you’ve been getting enough nutrients? Nutritional deficiencies can cause all kinds of biochemical reactions in the body. By simply taking an organic, food based multi-vitamin we can ensure that our nutritional needs our met and give our bodies what they need to not only just perform their daily functions, but fight any invaders or disease that is lurking. Your body is your friend, it sends you signals, listen to them!

Personal Care Products- Look at the ingredients in whatever you are applying directly to your skin, your skin is your largest organ absorbing 60% of whatever we put on it. If you are applying chemicals to your skin everyday, then what result do we think will come about? And if we think we’re untouchable, when you get to be middle aged and you’ve been applying that makeup or using that face creme or hair dye or hair spray, etc. for 20+ years, the effects can be devastating. Methyl Paraben was found in over 20 breast tumors when they dissected breast tumors removed from woman suffering from breast cancer. You don’t have to remove your breasts, woman have other choices that they are not informed of by their doctors. Having a mastectomy and continuing to use cancer causing products is not going to stop you from getting cancer, it will just stop you from getting cancer in your breasts, that’s all. The chemo that is used for fighting breast cancer is known to cause cancer. It’s true, ask your Oncologist! When we found out that the chemo they gave my husband for his Lymphoma caused cancer and asked if it was true, his Oncologist confirmed it. But they didn’t inform of us of that before they gave it to him, which he felt was almost underhanded and he felt a little tricked. Dr.s take a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.  There has to be a better way to treat cancer than with cancer causing agents.

Electromagnetic Smog- Many imbalances in the body can actually stem from interference from outside influences and invisible waves that are being omitted by appliances, wifi routers, cell towers, etc. Don’t even get me started on microwaves! We are all electrical beings, every living cell in our body is vibrating at it’s own frequency. If we carry our cell phone in our pocket, put it up to our ear…the World Health Organization has confirmed that cell phones cause cancer, it is no mystery. My grandson was actually taught in 4th grade not to sleep with a cell phone within 4 ft of your head! This is vitally important info, how many teenagers and adults that you know sleep with their cell phone if not on their bed, then definitely within 4ft of their head?

Structural- Go see a good, friend recommended chiropractor. I have heard of amazing stories resulting after chiropractic care. Blockages can result when our bodies systems are not functioning as they should. Removing these blockages can result in blood flow and energy releasing and dispersing stimulating the bodies Vital Force to heal itself.

Emotions- It is a fact that our emotions, our mind, what we think can literally make us sick, every time. Even if we eat right, exercise, take vitamins, if we are mad, guilty, resentful, hurt, these emotions can play a key role in you getting sick and where the sickness will show itself. Forgive and be grateful, noone is worth your health, go talk to someone if you have to in order to feel better about a traumatic memory. Every experience we have attaches an emotion to it and when we think of that experience, our bodies feel what it was like to be there at the moment. On a cellular level, you are right back there, so think things that make you feel happy, ONLY! Our perceptions change our cells, so keep it light and keep it positive so that your body can focus on regenerating not reducing cortisol levels. Stress hormones shut off your immune system, which is why when they perform organ transplants they give the transplant patient stress hormones to stop their immune system from functioning and rejecting the new organ. Try to keep them at a minimum.

Discover The Essence of Plant Medicine- Turn to Nature, if you believe in God then you believe he made all of the plants, if you believe in the Universe than you know that these plants are here to heal us, whatever your background, race, religion, if you trace back to your roots, your ancestors had certain plant allies that they turned to in times of distress that cured whatever symptom. There is always a plant for whatever ails you, it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Many of the conventional treatments either by causing cancer or by breaking down your immune system are so dangerous that they are literally worse than the disease. Chemo and Radiation merely destroy the daughter cancer cells which create the tumors. But it is the Mother Stem Cells that are creating those daughter cells. That’s why after those two treatments, they will say they got it all because the tumor went away, but that is why they say that you’re not cured until your 5 years out because they know, it’s likely to come back. Chemo and Radiation actually strengthen the Mother Stem Cells and that’s why the cancers usually come back more aggressively than they were in the very beginning. The only way to kill the Mother Stem Cells is your immune system. If your immune system kills, odds are it will not come back. There are so many different ways to stimulate your immune system, no matter where you live. Be diligent, educate yourself, never give up hope! When they asked my husband if he had a Living Will, he said, ‘No, I have a Will to Live!’

None of the information contained herin is meant to substitute for medical advice, if you think you have cancer, go to the Dr. whether they’re versed in Western or Eastern medicine and at least find out what it is so that you know what you are dealing with. Whichever you feel more comfortable with, but go see a professional to help you on your journey. Watch The Truth About Cancer, it’s free on YouTube, before you make any decisions, tho, if you have cancer, it could save your life!

Cancer is not a death sentence, your body will heal itself given what it needs, every time! Your body created it, so your body can heal it. Get in touch if you need to, I am here if you need me  ❤


Author: wildflowerimmuno

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Cannabinoid Clinician, Essential Oil Coach, Homeopath, Herbalist, Reiki Master, studying to get my PhD in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition and am a Graduate of The Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum. Also the author of Discover The Essence of Plant Medicine, The Five Principles of Lifesaving Herbs Book and Herbal Course. I facilitate a Triple CBD Workshop Series and am passionate about Alternative Healing Therapies & am anxious to share them with you!

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