5 Things You Can Do To Feel Better In 2023…

Could it be that easy? That just by implementing 5 new habits into your daily routine, you could feel better, for ever more?

Yes, it is! And it’s not based on belief, although many believe it, it’s based on science, anecdotal evidence and years of spiritual practices.

Many cultures around the world understand the benefits of meditating even though they may not know what is going on physically, they are very aware of what is going on spiritually.

When you take the time to remove yourself from everyday life, even if just for a couple of minutes each day, it actually triggers physiological changes within your system. Changes that you may not think sound like much, but can be the difference between happiness and mental imbalances, between health and disease. How?

Visible changes can be recorded on a molecular level when an individual meditates according to research done by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Not only does it reduce cortisol levels, remove us from fight or flight mode, it can actually affect the expression of our genes.

According to new research by the universities of Coventry and Radboud, published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, meditation can change our genetic destiny. So we no longer are bound to ill health because of our genes.

It’s called epigenetics, and according to Dawson Church Ph.D and Dr. Bruce Lipton, in research they have documented, we are not bound by the genes we’ve been given and powerless in the ability to change our future, indeed we can with our lifestyle choices. If you’d like to learn more, check out The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention by Dawson Church Ph.D.

Focus Your Attention:
Why is it so important to focus our attention? Because we can’t help what thoughts drift into our consciousness, but we definitely have the power to choose which ones we focus on. Which ones we mull over and look at from all angles.

A great indicator can be how you feel when you think about it? If when you think about something, it gives you a pit in your stomach. Leave that one back in 2022… if when you think of it, you feel butterflies… yes! Those are the ones to focus on, mull around and look at from all angles with endless possibilities from every perspective.

Just because you thought it, doesn’t mean you have to keep thinking about it, let it drift by like a wave on a beach, that one crashed.

Avoid That Which Doesn’t Serve You:
All of us have certain individuals, whether they’re family, friends or coworkers that just thinking about them can get you going…forget it, it’s not worth it. Not worth your energy.

You only have so much energy, either you’re going to use it for manifesting or you’re going to use it upset yourself. If you’re already tired, especially and then you spend all of your energy thinking about upsetting things that you can’t change… do you think it’s going to give you more energy?

Every single thought you think creates a chemical reaction in your body. Every emotion leaves an imprint on your system. Either your body is producing happy hormones like serotonin which feels really good…

Or you’re thinking about things that you don’t like… remembering what someone said or did that was wrong on some level. Whatever someone did that was wrong is very unfortunate, but if you can’t change it, you definitely don’t need to revisit it which can create disease producing chemicals in your body when there’s too much of them for extended periods of time.

This is a New Year, a new opportunity for growth on many levels. Changing our thoughts can change our lives. Our thoughts can lead to destructive behavior that you might not even consider such as stress eating, smoking, drinking, using drugs, being withdrawn.

Channeling our energy towards productive thoughts and behaviors, focusing our attention on our future. Using our energy to create what we desire in our minds instead of imagining the worst case scenarios, confronting issues head on when they come up. Not wasting the time that we are awake producing unhealthy thoughts, tormenting ourselves needlessly.

Set Your Intention:
What is that you want? If so much time is spent on imaging things you don’t want to happen and what you would say in that scenario, there’s not alot left on building the future you envision. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Imagine that, it will feel alot better.

Utilizing astrological influences in your intention setting can amplify your intentions to the Universe and remind you of what is you’re trying to create. Whether you choose to use, new moons, full moons, seasonal changes, eclipses, whichever resonates with you. Sit with yourself… see what you want… have you ever just asked yourself what you want and then listened to the answer? Why not?

Exercise 10 min. A Day:
Moving our bodies is essential to vibrant wellness. If you have a desk job, get up every hour and just stretch a little. Not moving enough can lead not only to obesity and disease but also a feeling of stagnation.

When we have a buildup or excess, it can make us feel sluggish, tired and like not doing much. But how can you be creating your future if you don’t feel like doing much? You need your energy.

Find 10 minutes in your day, even if it’s 5min in the morning and 5min in the evening, but you are worth 13 min a day. 10 min for exercise for your body, and at least 3 min. for your Spirit will ease your mind. Try it and see!

Happy 2023!

Author: wildflowerimmuno

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Cannabinoid Clinician, Essential Oil Coach, Homeopath, Herbalist, Reiki Master, studying to get my PhD in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition and am a Graduate of The Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum. Also the author of Discover The Essence of Plant Medicine, The Five Principles of Lifesaving Herbs Book and Herbal Course. I facilitate a Triple CBD Workshop Series and am passionate about Alternative Healing Therapies & am anxious to share them with you!

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