Michele Wildflower is a Holistic Health Professional, Reiki Master, owner & formulator for Nature’s Mysteries Apothecary & Irie Pet Products. She has been formulating  Aromatherapy items, using only the finest ingredients from Mother Nature’s Pantry for over a decade & now the Apothecary has reached over 100 different products in all.

Last year, her husband was diagnosed with a Triple Hit of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma after 6 visits to the ER and 2 different hospitals. Oncologists at Dartmouth Hospital told her husband that he had a very aggressive form of cancer & that his cancer cells didn’t die, they explained the process of the highest dose of 5 day long IV chemo treatments for 6 rounds every 3 weeks, in patient & how they only had a 35% chance of even curing it.

After 3 months and only 4 rounds of chemo, he was cancer free. The Dr.s couldn’t believe it & questioned the accuracy of their tests. Against his Dr.s advice, he stopped the chemo. Being an Herbalist, Michele had started him on specific herbs for his lymph nodes upon his diagnosis & spent extensive hours researching cancer, alternative treatments & ImmunoTherapy during his treatments. The protocol that she devised for him resulted in much fewer side effects from the chemo than the Dr.s and nurses expected and boosted his immune system enough to fight the cancer & rid his body of it. A year later, he’s not only back to his old self, he’s healthier than he ever was!


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