What Is The Scale Of Consciousness?

To understand the Scale Of Consciousness, we first need to begin with the fact that we are electrical beings, vibrating at our own frequency, each one of us. Why do you think when we connect with Mother Earth, they call it grounding?

Every living cell in our body is vibrating at it’s own frequency. This vibration is very subjective to many things, for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to focus on environment-internal and external.

Everything we think and feel has a vibration or frequency to it. This can be recorded, now, it’s no mystery. Which explains why we feel better when we think certain thoughts as opposed to others.

If we numbered each of these emotions on a numerical scale, presuming that feelings of fear, resentment and hatred are very low vibrations and that love and enlightenment are higher up on the scale, we would begin to see a visual similar to the one used for this blog.

This is exactly what Dr. Hawkins has done. Now, why is this important or relevant? Well, the fact is that when we are vibrating at a higher frequency, disease cannot penetrate. Sickness and disease are low vibrations, if you are sick or let’s say had cancer, there is a specific frequency attached to that.

I learned this years ago when I took a Biofeedback Class. The instructor had a Biofeedback machine that actually came with information regarding disease and frequency.

Each type of disease has it’s own vibration or frequency to it as well. Our goal is to be vibrating at such a high frequency that we are no longer susceptible to disease.

If we keep our thoughts in the higher realms, thinking and feeling pleasant thoughts, feelings of love and gratitude, we naturally feel better. Every emotion is attached to a chemical reaction in our body.

If the thoughts we are thinking are causing us to feel ill at ease, then that means that there are visible changes going on inside our body, whether it’s cortisol levels rising, our heart beating faster, adrenaline rushes, etc. These feelings cause our frequency to drop.

The good news is that we can bring our vibration back up by thinking happy thoughts, gratitude, feelings of love. That’s all it takes. Could it be that easy to feel better?

Could it be that what we spend our time focusing on could literally make us sick? Yes. But it’s not the only thing…

Other environmental factors to be considered that contribute to or lessen our frequency is what is in close proximity externally to our energy field, such as chemicals, EMF’s (electromagnetic fields), people or situations that make us uncomfortable, etc. Cell phones, WIFI, computers, tablets, any electronic devices, can zap our energy, lowering it and making us susceptible.

Luckily, there are a few minerals/crystals known to harmonize and/or neutralize these harmful frequencies such as Shungite, Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline to name a few. Placing these stones around your devices or wearing them as jewelry to protect you, everywhere you go, is another option.

Check out our Crystal Medicine page at NaturesMysteries.com to find the crystal or pendant best for your protection needs…

5 Things You Can Do To Feel Better In 2023…

Could it be that easy? That just by implementing 5 new habits into your daily routine, you could feel better, for ever more?

Yes, it is! And it’s not based on belief, although many believe it, it’s based on science, anecdotal evidence and years of spiritual practices.

Many cultures around the world understand the benefits of meditating even though they may not know what is going on physically, they are very aware of what is going on spiritually.

When you take the time to remove yourself from everyday life, even if just for a couple of minutes each day, it actually triggers physiological changes within your system. Changes that you may not think sound like much, but can be the difference between happiness and mental imbalances, between health and disease. How?

Visible changes can be recorded on a molecular level when an individual meditates according to research done by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Not only does it reduce cortisol levels, remove us from fight or flight mode, it can actually affect the expression of our genes.

According to new research by the universities of Coventry and Radboud, published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, meditation can change our genetic destiny. So we no longer are bound to ill health because of our genes.

It’s called epigenetics, and according to Dawson Church Ph.D and Dr. Bruce Lipton, in research they have documented, we are not bound by the genes we’ve been given and powerless in the ability to change our future, indeed we can with our lifestyle choices. If you’d like to learn more, check out The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention by Dawson Church Ph.D.

Focus Your Attention:
Why is it so important to focus our attention? Because we can’t help what thoughts drift into our consciousness, but we definitely have the power to choose which ones we focus on. Which ones we mull over and look at from all angles.

A great indicator can be how you feel when you think about it? If when you think about something, it gives you a pit in your stomach. Leave that one back in 2022… if when you think of it, you feel butterflies… yes! Those are the ones to focus on, mull around and look at from all angles with endless possibilities from every perspective.

Just because you thought it, doesn’t mean you have to keep thinking about it, let it drift by like a wave on a beach, that one crashed.

Avoid That Which Doesn’t Serve You:
All of us have certain individuals, whether they’re family, friends or coworkers that just thinking about them can get you going…forget it, it’s not worth it. Not worth your energy.

You only have so much energy, either you’re going to use it for manifesting or you’re going to use it upset yourself. If you’re already tired, especially and then you spend all of your energy thinking about upsetting things that you can’t change… do you think it’s going to give you more energy?

Every single thought you think creates a chemical reaction in your body. Every emotion leaves an imprint on your system. Either your body is producing happy hormones like serotonin which feels really good…

Or you’re thinking about things that you don’t like… remembering what someone said or did that was wrong on some level. Whatever someone did that was wrong is very unfortunate, but if you can’t change it, you definitely don’t need to revisit it which can create disease producing chemicals in your body when there’s too much of them for extended periods of time.

This is a New Year, a new opportunity for growth on many levels. Changing our thoughts can change our lives. Our thoughts can lead to destructive behavior that you might not even consider such as stress eating, smoking, drinking, using drugs, being withdrawn.

Channeling our energy towards productive thoughts and behaviors, focusing our attention on our future. Using our energy to create what we desire in our minds instead of imagining the worst case scenarios, confronting issues head on when they come up. Not wasting the time that we are awake producing unhealthy thoughts, tormenting ourselves needlessly.

Set Your Intention:
What is that you want? If so much time is spent on imaging things you don’t want to happen and what you would say in that scenario, there’s not alot left on building the future you envision. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Imagine that, it will feel alot better.

Utilizing astrological influences in your intention setting can amplify your intentions to the Universe and remind you of what is you’re trying to create. Whether you choose to use, new moons, full moons, seasonal changes, eclipses, whichever resonates with you. Sit with yourself… see what you want… have you ever just asked yourself what you want and then listened to the answer? Why not?

Exercise 10 min. A Day:
Moving our bodies is essential to vibrant wellness. If you have a desk job, get up every hour and just stretch a little. Not moving enough can lead not only to obesity and disease but also a feeling of stagnation.

When we have a buildup or excess, it can make us feel sluggish, tired and like not doing much. But how can you be creating your future if you don’t feel like doing much? You need your energy.

Find 10 minutes in your day, even if it’s 5min in the morning and 5min in the evening, but you are worth 13 min a day. 10 min for exercise for your body, and at least 3 min. for your Spirit will ease your mind. Try it and see!

Happy 2023!

Which Essential Oils Do We Use In Our Bestsellers?

At Nature’s Mysteries Apothecary, we only use organic, therapeutic grade essential oils in our formulations. Why?

Purity Is Our Priority-The lifeblood of the plant, the compounds extracted to make an essential oil are essentially what keeps the plant healthy, what helps to keep it pest free, virulent and able to resist molds and fungus.

A plant that is diseased, full of bugs and withered would not make the best medicine. Quality is key….

Ylang Ylang

One essential oil that is found in many of our formulations because of its versatile nature is Ylang Ylang.

With its broad use of applications, you can find it in our pain, insomnia and anxiety relief products, specifically our Alleviation Roll On Gem Essence and Alleviate Pain Relief Spray as well as our Anti-aging elixirs because of its antispasmodic, anti inflammatory, sedative, antidepressant and hormone balancing properties.

It’s sweet, floral scent is responsible for its anti anxiety benefits. Also preventing signs of aging when applied to the skin. Known to promote a healthy, youthful glow.

Anti oxidant rich protecting skin cells from oxidative stress and DNA damage that can result in cancer cell formation.


Lemongrass is another oil known for it’s many applications, a great anti inflammatory agent specific for relieving muscle pain, spasms and cramps, while relieving body aches.

It can be found in our Alleviate Pain Relief Spray as well as our Anti-aging formulations because of it’s astringent and antiseptic properties.

As a natural toner, sterilizing your pores, and strengthening your skin tissues, it blends nicely in our select Witch Hazel Facial Toners. Also known to promote a healthy glow!


Cedarwood essential oil is another great anti inflammatory, antispasmodic agent found in our Alleviate Pain Relief Spray. Minimizing joint stiffness and discomfort, considered to be one of the best essential oils known for arthritis.


Frankincense is a favorite of mine found in our Alleviation Roll On Gem Essence, synergistically blended with Myrrh, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Rose, Lavender and Mint as well as select Witch Hazel Facial Toners.

One compound found in Frankincense worth noting are sesquiterpenes. Teeny tiny molecules capable of passing through the blood brain barrier going straight to the brain.

Because this is where most signals originate, in the brain, this a great place to start trying to restore balance in the body. Its ability to reduce pain and inflammation in the system is widely known as well as including anti-anxiety and depression-reducing benefits.

It also has the ability to prevent wrinkles, mask the appearance of large pores, even helps lift and tighten skin, which explains why it’s also in select Witch Hazel Facial Toners.

Being one of our Bestsellers, our Alleviation Roll On Gem Essence has 8 different therapeutic essential oils synergistically blended which is 6 too many for the rest of this blog.

Hopefully, by now you’re starting to see how important essential oils are when it comes to any kind of wellness regime.

Always confirm that you are using organic therapeutic grade essential oils and not fragrant oils.

Check out our line of CBD Products at naturesmysteries.com where you’ll enjoy 10% off of your order for a limited time!

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What Is An Adaptogenic Herb?

Well, kind of like it’s name implies, these Plant Allies help our body adapt to stress, in any way that our body needs which could mean different functions depending on the circumstances that the body is being faced with at the moment.

‘Adaptogens restore homeostasis within the body balancing hormones, lowering cortisol levels, produce positive stress response, increase recovery time after an illness and immune building function.

According to a Russian Dr., I.I. Brekhmann, who popularized the concept of adaptogens through his research, there are 3 criteria that they must fulfill:

1. Do no harm, place no stress on the body.

2. Assist the body in adapting to a wide range of
internal stressors (emotions, noise, pollution) as well as
environmental ones.

3. Has an amphoteric (normalizing) effect on the
activity of several body systems – especially the nervous
system, hormonal system, and immune system.’

Excerpt from, ‘Discover The Essence Of Plant Medicine, The Five Principles Of Lifesaving Herbs.’

The Cannabis plant is an adaptogen explaining it’s ability to restore homeostasis within our system. But it’s not the only one, there are many more but the beauty is that they all have the same effect on our bodies….well being.

Have you tried any adaptogens?

Discover The Essence Of Plant Medicine 🌿❤️

Can Sunlight Do All Of That?

Of course, everyone knows that we need sunlight, but besides it providing Vitamin D, how else does it benefit us?

Number One: In relation with bone health and cartilage, sunlight enables the body to assimilate calcium. We can consume as much nutrient rich foods as possible, but if our bodies are not assimilating the nutrients, we lose the benefits. Strong bones are essential to us accomplishing all of our goals.

Number 2: Connected to the reproduction of red blood cells or hemoglobin, thereby associated with the avoidance of anemia and increasing the amount of oxygen in our blood. Symptoms associated with anemia are weakness, brain fog, mood changes, lethargy, pale skin, headaches, shortness of breath, loss of stability, irregular heartbeart, etc.

Number 3: As referred to above, not assimilating nutrients and absorbing our food properly, leads to deficiencies. Sunlight has an instant influence on our bodies ability to digest our food and assimilate nutrients.

You know there’s many more benefits than just those, but this is just a start for reasons why going outside and spending a little time enjoying the outdoors, everyday, is so important!

Obviously, too long in the sun isn’t beneficial, but 45 minutes of sunlight gives you your daily dose of vitamin D.

Discover The Essence Of Sunlight ☀️

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Ever Wonder What To Listen To… Your Heart or Your Head? Always Your Heart!

As a Pisces, I am so indecisive. Sometimes, making a decision can be so difficult, that I literally cannot make it. I try weighing pros and cons but then something tells me different. That goes against perhaps all of the obvious reasons not to. Because I have a feeling. Or a sense. It’s intuition. And now we now it’s heart centered.

Have you heard of the 40,000 nerve endings in our heart that we were not previously aware of. (I wasn’t anyway…) We now know that the heart is actually sending signals to the brain. Before, it was our understanding that the brain was the master controller in our bodies but this knowledge is proving otherwise, according to Greg Braden, researcher, scientist. and author. (He’s on of my favorite authors.)

For example, when hooked up to electrodes connecting the heart and brain to sensitive equipment capable of measuring subtle energies, it has been found that our hearts know what is going to happen before it happens.

When shown a series of images designed to elicit emotion whether it’s happy, sad, angry, etc., the heart knew the following image before it was shown and reacted accordingly. These images were shown at intervals of a few seconds apart. The research showed that the heart reacted to the images before the eyes perceived them. So it is not the brain or mind that has the knowing, the source is actually the heart.

It is now known that it is so much more than a muscle. The strongest magnetic field in our body is our heart. Not our brain. The electro frequency of our hearts is actually 60x greater than our brain. Heartmath Institute has been researching the human heart and how a strong collective emotion has a measurable impact on the geomagnetic field of the planet. They are also the ones who discovered the magnetic field of the heart is so much stronger than the brain. When magnetic fields of the planet are strong, people are more agreeable when they are low, we are more aggressive and prone to conflict. This research has been recorded and can be researched on your own.

The best part is that you can create a state of balance between your brain and heart so simply by meditating. And the profound effects of having these fields aligned can be measured now. By simply bringing your awareness to your heart and feeling gratitude, care, appreciation, etc. and slowing your breath and focusing on your heart and breath, you can not only bring about a state of coherence between your heart and brain that Dr. Joe Dispenza has lots of brain scans that you can see visibly the results of this kind of mindfulness. But you can also ask your heart for guidance when in this meditative state and see if you feel guided…

Have you heard of these 40,ooo nerve endings in your heart before?

Bright Blessings from the North East Kingdom ❤

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4 Benefits of Meditating

  1. Increase Energy
  2. Boost Immune Function
  3. Reduce Stress Levels
  4. Increase Intuition

Everyone’s heard of meditating, but what are the real benefits? Sure, relaxation, we always hear, maybe stress relief, but immune boosting and enhancing energy? Yes, these are possible and more.

Let’s start with the first one…

  1. Increasing Energy Levels. Folks are always asking me ways to increase their energy levels. Sometimes, reaching for an energy drink or grabbing a cup of coffee might not be the most beneficial choice if you’re trying to increase your health and longevity. Especially, if you are someone who is immune compromised or not functioning at full capacity for whatever reason.

Another way to increase energy levels can be through the quiet act of meditation and the best part is it can be done just about anywhere at anytime with no cost and there is no sugar crash after. Sitting still mindfully focusing on our breath actually allows us to build our energy levels.

By simply choosing to remove ourselves from the ordinary daily stresses of life and stepping back to enjoy the moment for at least 3 minutes of our day can increase not only our energy levels but has profound effects on our body chemistry.

When our attention is constantly focused on our outer world, it can be exhausting. If we take the necessary time for a little self care and turn our attention inward, the benefits we have the potential of reaching far outweigh any other demands in our environment.

2. Boost Immune Function. Yes, in meditation, our breathing slows, some meditations include focused breathing. When we slow our breath, it switches our brain chemistry. It also changes the signaling from the heart to the brain.

It decreases stress hormones and according to Gregg Braden, author, scientist and educator, when we are in a state of meditation, for 3 minutes feeling either gratitude, appreciation, care or compassion, and are aware of our heart, it creates changes in our internal environment.

When we allow our awareness to shift to our inner world, slowing our breath changes the signaling of the brain. Our brains release very powerful substances of healing, regeneration, and rejuvenation. Levels of DHEA increase by 100% in the body! Being a precursor hormone, it plays an important role in the production of many hormones. Associated with anti-aging and bone density, to name a few, decreased levels of DHEA are associated with a higher chance of death.

3. Reduce Stress Levels. When we take a moment from our stressful lives to resist the temptation of always being engaged, we are able to reduce the stress hormones associated with inflammation and disease. If we are in a constant state of fight or flight, our bodies do not have the down time for healing and regeneration.

And if we do not sleep as much as our bodies require and then resort to drug induced sleep, we are impairing our bodies ability to rejuvenate and repair itself, even more. So these glimpses of moments gathered for our own personal benefit become more and more important not only for our personal growth, but for our well being.

Especially if we have others relying on us. How can we be expected to give our all when we are not even functioning at full capacity? We cannot give what we do not have. So, if you are one of those people that is always putting others first, by putting yourself first allows you to give the most.

4. Increase Intuition. And the last but definitely not the least benefit of meditating is the possibility of opening up your intuition. Of unlocking doorways in your mind that you never even knew existed because you never took the time to explore. When we turn our attention away from our phones, iPads, tv, computer screens and look within ourselves, what we might find is beyond creativity and intuition, it’s the portal to infinite possibilities.

Even if you still think you don’t have time for a 3 minute daily practice, you can start with very small mindful moments when you just stop and make yourself aware of your breath and aware of the present moment, even if it’s only for 10 seconds, we all need to start somewhere…

Bright Blessings from the North East Kingdom ❤

Is It Possible?

I hear this all day long when I am set up selling my products. Folks who have not tried CBD products before but are familiar with pharmaceutical or OTC (over the counter) medications can not believe that they can experience these kind of results instantly, from any product.

But because we actually have receptors in our body for this plant, is the reason why it feels so good when we use CBD products. It literally resonates with every cell in our bodies. Our Endocannabinoid System is responsible for maintaining cellular homeostasis, which is balance on all levels from temperature, glucose, appetite, if you have too much of one hormone, it will decrease it, not enough of one, it will increase it And basically, CBD is the only substance on the planet that we know of that we have these receptors for. It’s like software to our bodies, it triggers healing on many levels.

Our bodies produce endocannabinoids. Plants produce phytocannabinoids. We use up our cannabinoids due to stress in our environment and daily lifestyle choices. Such as alcohol consumption, this is known to decrease cannabinoids. Along with forced exercise. If you are enjoying it, you are increasing your cannabinoids. But if you are making yourself do it, then you are actually decreasing them.

By taking CBD Oil internally, it helps to regulate the release and balance of our own inner cannabinoids. It’s a way of maintaining a state of balance from within, so that hopefully you don’t experience any pain, insomnia, anxiety, excema, psoriasis, etc. and if you do, you can try a topical product which provides instant relief. But why does it work??? Because our cannabinoids are what our bodies use to deal with pain, insomnia and anxiety.

When we experience an injury, our brain sends out neurotransmitters to the area with activators and sensitizors. When we use CBD Oil, it blocks our brain from sending out these neurotransmitters, lessening our perception of pain, while repairing nerve tissue, regenerating cells, increasing bone mass and density, etc.

So, yes, it is possible to feel instant relief. Folks don’t believe me because that is not how other medications that they have tried work. But we must remember, we do not have receptors in our bodies for pharmaceuticals. These are foreign molecules that our bodies do not know how to synthesize. There is no condition that is a lack of a pharmaceutical medication.

Whereas, an Endocannabinoid System deficiency is very real and can lead to many different kinds of diseases, disorders, discomfort and discontent, such as Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s Disease, IBS, migraines, seizure disorders, menstrual cramps, etc. to name a few. Meaning that those folks suffering with specific symptoms could take CBD Oil and leave their issues in the past. And this is with no side effects, not damaging your liver or kidneys, this is a non toxic medicine that you cannot overdose on.

And if you still are not convinced, you can head on over to our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuVlHgRcKhsRuJnW1WSYS6w and see all of the live video testimonials we have received from folks who felt it instantly! Some of these folks made me twist their arm pretty hard to try it, but the look on their face, the light that shines from their eyes when their pain subsides is an expression I will never get tired of seeing! And our testers are all of our lowest strengths, so imagine if folks were trying the strongest pain relief we offer what they would feel?

If you’d like to learn more, you can learn all about your Endocannabinoid System and they way it works in my new book that was written as an Herbal Course for the University Of Natural Health, titled ‘Discover The Essence Of Plant Medicine, The Five Principles Of Lifesaving Herbs Cannabis Edition.’

Try some for yourself and see what actual relief feels like…

Sending green healing energy from the North East Kingdom ❤

3 Ways To Boost Immune Function

  1. Avoid GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  2. Walk Outside For 20 Minutes A Day
  3. Take Vitamin C

There is never a better time than now to try and boost your immune function decreasing your likeliness of infection. Sometimes, the most obvious things can be so easy that for some reason we resist, but when it comes down to it, the effort was minimal in the long run and the results were well worth the amount of effort exerted. It’s kind of like when you have something to do that you put so much energy into avoiding and dreading that the amount of time it required to complete was minuscule in relation to the energy devoted to procrastinating it. So, let’s investigate how easy it would be to get healthier…

  • Avoiding GMO’s~ Why avoid GMO’s? Briefly, Genetically Modified Organisms can cause inflammation. In some circles, it is recognized that inflammation is the root of all disease. Avoiding inflammation means avoiding pain, foremost as we all know how painful inflammation can be. But chronic inflammation can actually lead to cancer down the road as well as many other conditions. GMO’s have also been linked to Leaky Gut Syndrome. Eating organic or at least non GMO foods can allow our bodies a rest from inflammation and the discomfort associated with it. Removing inflammation promoting foods from our diet allows our immune system to function at its most optimal state. Buy from a local farmer, go organic, visit your local farmers market, when at the grocery store only buy items displaying the Non GMO verified butterfly or Organic verifications.

  • Walk For 20 Minutes A Day Outside~ full spectrum light is essential for good health. Go for a walk, do yoga, kayak, whatever you enjoy. Being outside under full spectrum light not only is known to improve mood and boost energy levels, but also stimulates the pineal gland. Being the gland that produces melatonin, this regular daily walk can also improve sleep. We all know what can happen when we are not functioning on enough sleep- anything! Getting enough rest; restorative sleep, not drug induced is imperative to proper immune function.

This can also prevent Vitamin D deficiency as well as prevent and treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. In 2002, a well respected medical journal, the Lancet, documented a study in which serotonin levels in blood were measured and confirmed that the duration of sunlight is directly related to the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is associated with mood elevation. All of this points to increased immunity.

  • Take Vitamin C~ an essential nutrient used by the body for healthy immune function, a vitamin C deficiency takes a serious toll on the immune system’s functioning. While encouraging the bodies production of white blood cells, it is lessening the likelihood of infection. Being an antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals, assists in the repair of damaged cells and tissue. Free radicals harm healthy cells promoting what is known as oxidative stress among many other damaging effects. Inflammation is one. Remember what we said about inflammation?

Also utilized by the body to absorb iron properly. Adding Vitamin C rich foods to your diet and or adding an organic full vitamin C complex vitamin such as New Chapters Vitamin C Complex is an excellent addition to any protocol prescribed for healthy immune function.

Here we have explored 3 easy, painless ways to protect ourselves from infection and promote as well as increase healthy immune function. If our immune systems are functioning properly, we are more likely to be healthy and happy. And what an almost effortless way to do it?

Sending green healing energy from the North East Kingdom 🌿❤️

A Little About Enzymes…

Enzymes are what our bodies use to digest our food. Our bodies actually secrete different and specific enzymes for each food group such as, proteins, starches, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables and fruits.

Before I took this Advanced Holistic Nutrition Course, I had worked with enzymes before as my took pancreatic enzymes when he was battling cancer. But I hadn’t heard much about digestive enzymes…

Enzymes are what our bodies use to digest our food. Our bodies actually secrete different and specific enzymes for each food group such as proteins, starches, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables and fruits.

Because the enzymes used to digest protein are different from the ones used to digest starch, they actually kind of overpower the ones that digest protein, meaning you end up with putrified proteins in your stomach. Starch’s ferment when not digested properly and proteins, like meat putrefy. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

You know I feel like noone ever tells you about food combining and what destruction it can cause inside your body over extended periods of time. We are taught to enjoy multiple course meals comprised of multiple food groups at the same time. But this kind of environment causes an acidic environment. This can also cause inflammation.

We know that the source of inflammation is the root of all disease. And we know that cancer can thrive in an acidic environment. This kind of acidic environment can cause other kinds of conditions besides cancer in the body such as arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney stones, sports injuries, etc.

If it doesn’t bother you, than maybe you don’t need to worry too much about it. But if you are someone who is chronically suffering from digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, foul stools, bad breath, sunken eyes or any of the other aforementioned conditions, eating Tums like candy, than proper food combining might be worth investigating for you, you know what I’m saying?

Sending green healing energy from the North East Kingdom ❤

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