Why Natural Health?

Plant based medicine has been around forever, people have turned to the plants around them for support, nourishment and overall health because that’s what was available. There wasn’t options for a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs at their disposal with an immense amount of side effects to them, some even including death. And I even bet that if you communicated with a prehistoric person that there was an option available that could kill them or do unnecessary damage to their internal organs, they would opt out.

But there just isn’t the awareness necessary for the Plant Based Medicine Approach to undergo the drastic change that is called for at this time, YET…  This is precisely why their are so many ‘Health Rangers’ out there trying to shake everybody up & show them the truth about the medicines that they are taking, the foods that they are eating, the vaccines they are injecting in their bodies, the personal care products that are being applied to the skin everyday and what kinds of chemicals they are using in their homes.

One of my favorites is Mike Adams, he actually calls himself, ‘The Health Ranger.’  I am including a link to his website because he is sooo smart & easy to learn from, and funny, too!

If we have a strong immune system which can be built up with herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, all stemming from Plant Based Medicine, we will be able to fight most pathogens we are exposed to. By limiting our exposure to toxic chemicals & compounds in our everyday life, as often as possible, we can ensure healthy immune function. By supporting our bodies with holistic health practices that incorporate healing the body, mind & spirit, we can minimize the occurrence or reoccurence of disease.

Having no known side effects, plants support healthy functions of many body systems without the risk of damaging other organs or systems. Many plants have adaptogen properties to them meaning that they find the necessary repairs to make within your body. They just know what you need and target the area where relief is required.

Talk about Infinite Intelligence!

What’s all the hype about CBD’s?

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Organic CBD Oil Pain Relief Sprays & Anti-Aging Serum

Ever hear of your endocrine system? Well, we have an Endocannabinoid system in our body, which means that our cells actually have receptors on them to receive from the cannabis plant! Cannabadiol is the active ingredient in CBD oils, our bodies produce cannabinoids, but not as much as we’d like, that is why when we use CBD oil, we feel so good, because it resonates with our body on a cellular level. We have CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout our bodies that regulate many body functions which is why we can benefit from CBD’s for just about everything from Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Skin disorders, etc. What does it mean that our cells have receptors on them? It’s similar to a lock and key system. Mother Nature in her infinite intelligence created the cannabis plant to fit us perfectly, who knew? The many health benefits known to date are too many to mention in this blog. I have created a pinterest board, with many resources I encourage you to research if you feel so inclined. We’re just skimmin’ the surface, here, trying to keep it short….

While CBD does come from the Cannabis/Hemp plant, it is not psychoactive, there is no THC in Cannabadiol, which is the psychoactive component in Marijuana. Although, there is a synergistic effect when THC & CBD’s are combined known as the Entourage Effect, which is much more beneficial, CBD oil sold in the US should only contain no more than .03%  THC. So, if you are worried about ingesting it or using it topically, worry no more, you will not get stoned from CBD oil.

CBD’s can help restore elasticity in our skin to prevent sagging skin, can even out skin tone, minimize large pores, restore a healthful glow, regulate sebum production in skin to prevent dry, flaky skin or oily skin. Full of anti-oxidants to help our bodies repair the damage from harmful free radicals in our environment. Restore skin cells, rejuvenates your skin, the list goes on, who doesn’t need all that? Talk about an anti-aging miracle?

Now, how can you use CBD oil?

You can ingest it, as an adaptogen, it finds the issues in your body and corrects them, how perfect is that? Being anti-inflammatory,  you can bypass the digestive tract & target specific body parts, topical application works well for that, when applied on the thin skin by your wrists, temples, etc. Transdermal application ensures speedy absorption for quick relief from pain. Target the source of your discomfort. You can apply CBD pain relief sprays, ointments, salves, etc. directly on the affected area for desired relief.

Where to purchase CBD oil?

Because growing hemp in the US is new, there are not many or enough regulations on the farming practices involved in hemp & CBD oil production. There is no regulatory body certifying organic hemp in the United States, currently. I would recommend acquiring it from Europe, Denmark preferably, that’s where I get mine from. They have been growing organic hemp for many years, good hemp and are known for their strict standards being one of the cleanest countries.  Unless you know your grower and you see their farm & know their practices. Like any other medicine, you want to make sure it’s pure & organic so you get the most out of it.

So, there you have it, a little CBD summary, hope you enjoyed it & understand a little more why they are the rage, right now. You could probably use some too, couldn’t you? CBD Products~

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I Call Bullshit!

So, we’re in the process of looking for a new Dr. because ours left family practice. We ended up with this ‘Dr.’ who actually tapped her fingers while my husband was talking. Yup! And while he was releasing alot of emotion about how the thought of death always lingers at the back of your mind once they tell you that you are going to die and that their cure for you only has a 35% chance & that you only have a 35% chance of living 5 years out, she actually responded with ‘Noone’s getting out of here alive.’ Okay, if that’s all your doctor can come up with, how compassionate can you expect them to be? While my husband unloaded a flood of emotion, she kept opening her mouth trying to interrupt him and seriously, rolled her eyes at her defeated effort to interrupt him. She kept darting her eyes and lifting her eyebrows, I mean it was sooo offensive, disrespectful, downright rude!! She actually said, ‘We have no idea why good people get disease’, she told Ig, he has no control over his disease, that it has nothing to do with the choices he’s made in his life, and that coffee has gotten the slip of acceptance, now, that they are finding out that coffee drinkers live longer, when Ig told her how he stopped drinking coffee because he learned how much it dehydrates you, ‘ha ha’, she laughed, ‘that has nothing to do with it!’ How could someone in the medical profession be so naive? We don’t know why good people get disease?! We know all kinds of reasons why people get cancer and a whole myriad of disease, alot of them relating back to GMO’s and the inflammation they cause in your system. Not to mention if you are rubbing toxic chemicals on your skin, which is your largest organ, absorbing 60% of whatever you apply to it. How about EMF’s & Cell phones linked to brain cancer? Is she kidding? How is she supposed to give you any helpful advice if she doesn’t even have a clue where disease begins? This is what people are left with, if this is what your doctor is like, find another one! Find one that can tell you how to sustain & nourish your body, one who looks at what might have caused your disease or discomfort, one who knows about Epigenetics, and if you can’t find one in the conventional medical system, find one that will work with your conventional doctor. They are out there. If you choose conventional therapies, herbs can ameliorate many of the symptoms they cause. They are working for you, empower yourself, step up, don’t be afraid of their white coat, speak for yourself. This is the beginning of your healing journey & it begins with being your own best advocate!

Free Your Mind

Meditate daily, fill your body with white light, commune with Source, whatever your Religion or Spiritual beliefs, connect with it everyday & let it fill you with hope, guidance & love. When Iggy was battling cancer, we meditated every morning to mentally prepare us for the day & every evening to clear any negativity or regrets or anything that built up over the day. So, we left it behind us instead of carrying it over into the next day. Every cell in our body has an electrical current running through it, in this way, we each are vibrating at our own frequency. By connecting with Source & Daily Meditation, we can actually raise our vibration. Listening to music you enjoy can also raise your vibration. Thinking negative thoughts can actually lower your vibration, disease can thrive within a lower frequency. Try to keep your vibration high, it will only make you feel better & keep you healthier. When you are stressed out, your body releases a stress hormone called, ‘cortisol’…this hormone is responsible for a myriad of negative effects on the human body..that can trigger & cause disease…(dis~ease), so keep it light!     my buddha picture

Square One

When Iggy was sick last year, I was desperate to learn whatever I could about his disease, alternative treatments, his immune system, etc. It was just about one year ago today that someone told me about The Truth About Cancer. It was a life changing day, no seriously, it was, in a big way! He had been undergoing chemo for 2 months, they only gave him a 35% chance of curing it. I was giving him all kinds of herbs, teas, supplements, vitamins, enzymes, mushrooms, juices, smoothies, etc. He was seriously popping something in his mouth that boosted his immune system every like half an hour or something. I didn’t want to overlap the essences of potent benefits each plant possessed by giving him too many at one time, I wasn’t sure how they would all work together & how it would all play out. I wasn’t aware of the synergistic qualities that herbs possess to unite with each other. I knew about herbs & had used them successfully for years, but I had never treated cancer before & I felt like it was all new.

The Truth About Cancer is free on Youtube & I seriously recommend it for anyone battling cancer or any cancer survivors or anyone who loves anyone with a cancer diagnosis. There are nine episodes, I bought them all. I’m just like that, if there is any information that I can get my hands on that could save my husband’s life & it’s all scientifically based, research backed, tried & true, proven medicine, I’d be crazy not to at the stage in my life I was in. I was hungry for knowledge, I couldn’t get enough. I stayed up long hours, into the night, researching, checking sources, etc. The more I read, the more I knew, ‘we got this.’ So glad that Iggy had utter & complete faith in me!

So, as a result of my quest for knowledge, I purchased (and still do) any seminars by Dr’s, or cancer survivors instilling the qualities & benefits of plant medicine. I have many hours that I have studied and many more to study…I receive emails constantly from amazing Dr.s curing cancer all over the world, sharing their knowledge, experience, expertise, case studies, etc.

Today, I received one that I am excited to share with you from Chris Work, it’s a 10 part Video Series in which he shares how he beat cancer. He is trying to reach 1 million people with his message of curing cancer naturally without conventional treatments.

He is offering this free in the month of September!!

You can either click on the link below or just copy & paste the link below to bring you to the sign up page of Chris Work’s 10 Part Video Series for free~ https://cbtc.clickfunnels.com/optin




What is ImmunoTherapy?

This is the post excerpt.

ImmunoTherapy consists of building the immune system in every way possible to fight, prevent & treat disease. By removing immune compromising lifestyle choices & replacing them with pure, organic immune building components found in nature, damaged cells can actually be rebuilt & repaired, even. The same genes that turn on cancer are the same genes that turn off cancer, when given micronutrients found in fresh, organic, raw veggie juice. Juicing everyday is essential when battling any kind of disease and really so many people are vitamin deficient these days that everyone should be juicing.

What are Immune Compromising Lifestyle Choices?

Well, to name a few~





*Skin & Bodycare Products~http://www.naturesmysteries.net/Toxins-Skin-Care/

Some we can have control over & can change…some…not so much.

Which is all the more reason to make the necessary changes where you can… because there are some choices we make that are unavoidable, like getting in a car everyday, not much choice there. But do you have to choose to drink something that will take the paint off of a car? is the question….

If we look at each of those very briefly~

*Diet~the American diet is actually disease causing, between the GMO’s that are not even allowed in other countries, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, soda, etc….did you know that one can of c0kE can shut down 1/2 of your immune system for 4 hours?!!! As a cancer patient you definitely cannot afford that…and that’s just one thing you are consuming, not to mention everything you else eat all day long.

*Microwaves~when food is cooked in a microwave, it actually changes the cells within the food into carcinogens…aka cancer causing! How can it be called food if it causes cancer, food is supposed to nourish the body…sustain life.

*Technology~the amount of time spent with your device in your hand, on your person, or near your head while your sleeping is enough to cause cancer. They are now teaching students from fourth grade through college that cell phones cause cancer & that you should not sleep with them within 4 feet of your bed!

*Environment~depending on where we live, we could be drinking polluted water…chlorinated, fluoridated water, etc. We can be breathing toxic pollution from factories nearby, exhaust, perfumes, bleach, cleaning products, etc.

*Skincare Choices~our skin is our largest organ, absorbing 60% of what we put on it. Most products sold contain toxic, cancer causing chemicals because there are no regulations on bodycare products in the US at this time. Even products labeled organic & natural, sold in health food stores & co-ops, can still contain these chemicals.

I compiled a booklet that I give to my customers that details the toxins used in bodycare products, their derivative & what part of your body they affect, so consumers can take it home. Look in your medicine chest, see if these toxic chemicals are lurking in your own home & throw them out! If not & you choose to give yourself cancer, at least you are making an educated decision. Noone is here to protect us, we need to educate ourselves~Here is a link to that information~http://www.naturesmysteries.net/Toxins-Skin-Care/

We see that many of the choices we make in a day can compromise our immune system. If we are not immune compromised, we might not even notice. But if we are, these should be avoided at all costs. Our immune system has to be what cures us, not medication.




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