Colonoscopy, my doctor wants me to get one. ‘It’s a Routine Procedure,’… famous last words….

What does that mean? A ‘Routine Procedure’? It, apparently, is supposed to mean it’s one that they do all of the time. Meaning what? That there is no risk involved? That they do it so often that they know how? If you look up the definition of ‘routine procedure’, it says something like, ‘When a doctor says that something is a “routine procedure”, it means that he or she often does it, and it’s nothing new or scary.’ Really?…. well I have a couple of stories that I SINCERELY wish I didn’t have.

OK, here’s a story, that’s not a very good one. My friend called and told me his doctor wanted him to have a colonoscopy, he asked me what I thought about it. I warned him not to do it! I told him that having the procedure ups your mortality by 157%. I told him about a friend that I had who had mentioned she was getting a colonoscopy and asked me if I knew anything about it. I didn’t. But after all of my research and education, those kind of tests are not good, so I told her that. ‘I’ll look it up tonite and let you know tomorrow what I find,’ I told her….

Well, when I researched it from trusted sources, everything pointed to a big, ‘NO.’ My research found that it ups your mortality by 157%. (You can look that one up if you don’t know what it means). I also found that anything that they would find in a colonoscopy, could be found in a stool sample, so why not start there, first?

They say that they want to do it to see if there are any polyps…cancerous growths. But the only issue with that is, if there was, shoving a tube through your colon would cause them to be disrupted and released all throughout your body. Metastisize is what they call it when cancer spreads to other parts, instead of staying isolated in one area. This is what colonoscopies cause.

I told her my findings…’Well, I already have it scheduled,’ she said. I told her, ‘It’s your body and your choice, noone can make you do it and if you cancel the appt. noone really cares, they just schedule someone else in…’ ‘Well, I told my Dr. I would, it’s coming right up,’ she said, ‘I can’t cancel it, now.’

I didn’t see her for a couple of weeks, when I saw her again, she said, ‘Michele, I had that colonoscopy, damn near killed me!!’ ‘I was so sick for the next week, couldn’t get up, I was throwing up, it was awful. When I saw my Dr. again, I told her, I’m never going to do that again, that was horrible, I was sick as a dog my whole vacation, I couldn’t even get out of bed! And do you know what she told me, ‘ she asked me. ‘No, what,’ I said. ‘She told me, that it’s ok, I don’t have to. That whatever they can find from one of those, they can see in a stool sample! Then why didn’t you give me one of those, I asked her?!’

I told my buddy this story, and he said, ‘I bet if you go look on the internet, you can find other sources that say just the opposite, that it’s a completely safe procedure.’ I told him that these were TRUSTED sources that I checked with, (I haven’t included, here, all of the research I did. I have only included a couple of articles.) But some friends told him it’s a ‘routine procedure’, that they had it done, and it was fine. Unfortunately, he went and had it done. During the procedure, they poked a hole in his colon, unbeknownst to him, he went to work the next day, felt sick. Went to his local doctor after he noticed a fever, who sent him to the emergency room where they found he had a tear in his colon. He seriously could have died! This is what he’s left with, hospitalized for a week, this huge scar, and four weeks of recovery….all for a ‘routine’ procedure. My friend told me that he found out that they can do a test that is noninvasive to see if you have cancer. Now, he really wishes that they had done that one. He wanted me to share this with you, so that this does not happen to you. I feel so bad for him.

This above link is the consent form for a ‘routine procedure!’ Here is a couple of the risks:

Uncommon risks and complications include:
About 1 person in every 1,000 will accidentally
get a hole (perforation) to the bowel causing
leakage of bowel contents into the abdomen.
Surgery may be needed to repair the hole.
About 1 person in every 100 will experience a
significant bleed from the bowel where a polyp
was removed. Further endoscopy, a blood
transfusion or an operation may be necessary.
Heart and lung problems such as heart attack or
vomit in the lungs causing pneumonia.
Emergency treatment may be necessary.
Stroke resulting in brain damage.
An existing medical condition that you may
already have getting worse.
….that no guarantee has been made that the
procedure will improve my condition even though
it has been carried out with due professional care.
Ok…now that is an awful lot of risks, SERIOUS RISKS for a ‘ROUTINE PROCEDURE’ don’t you think? If you think your body is having issues, make changes, you don’t need a test that could kill you, to know. You feel it, you know when your body is functioning at it’s optimal level and you know when it’s not. Conventional medicine has so many diagnosis’, prognosis’ and diseases, it’s hard to keep them all straight.  Chinese Medicine teaches us to treat the patient, not the disease. What are the symptoms? What is trying to be relieved. Too much heat, too much cold, etc. and then the treatment is based on trying to replenish what is absent or abstain from what there is too much of.  It’s much to extensive to go into in this blog. The point is, sure, it’s good to know what’s going on but if finding out means that you risk, perforation in your bowel, a heart attack, a stroke, brain damage or death, odds are whatever is bothering you is going to take a significant amount of time before it gets to that deadly level of risk. If there is a non-invasive test that you can have, than, sure, why not? But what if you didn’t have anything that bad wrong with you and you ended up with a stroke, perforated bowel, heart attack or dying? The treatment should not exceed the disease! I’m not sure in what book that say’s it’s ok. At the bottom of this page is links to another test that they have come up with 92% accuracy and it’s a stool sample. Why risk death if you’re trying to avoid it?
Pharmaceutical companies and Dr.s love to say that the risks of the disease outweigh the side effects of the medication and procedures, but is that really the case when death or stroke is a side effect? What could be worse than that? Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm….

The Entourage Effect~We Need More THC!

First discovered in 1988, by EB Russo, the Entourage Effect describes the benefits of full spectrum medicine and the results that can be achieved versus medicine comprised of a single molecule.

What does this mean?

A single molecule, an isolated compound that has been removed from its original state existing within a complex structure combined with other compounds that complement it’s properties in a synergistic way.

The number of cannabinoids found in the Hemp/Cannabis plant are growing all of the time due to research, we know there at least 80 different cannabinoids present. CBD and THC are only 2 of them, in the research that has been done, these two cannabinoids have been been found to treat over 250 known medical conditions. Yes, you heard that right!

In this research, they discovered the incredible benefits of the two combined versus separate. There are also over 500 different compounds found in the plant, over 200 different terpenes. Terpenes are the aroma you smell from any plant when you get a whiff of the flower’s own characteristic terpene profile.

These various molecules each have their own properties accompanying feelings, moods, etc. that are specific to that plant’s constitution. Just within the Terpene family alone, and how they work together is a subject for another blog. Within the Hemp/Cannabis plant, each Terpene affects disease in it’s own way and certain Terpenes target specific diseases more effectively than others.

In his research, Dr. Russo found that the results of full spectrum medicine caused 2-4x greater effects than THC alone. Another study found full spectrum medicine produced effects 330% higher.

CBD mitigates the effects of THC, in combination the results have been incredible, alone the studies have shown each cannabinoid to have amazing results, for some who have tried one or the other and have claimed to not have seen any results, such as someone who has tried smoking pot before and someone who has tried CBD Oil before. Neither one of them have equal parts.

Because CBD mitigates the psychoactive effects of THC, most recreational growers have been breeding varieties with little or no CBD, so that the psychoactive components are not interfered with. Most CBD Oils on the market only contain .3% THC, as this is the legal amount allowed. So, neither one of these mediums is an effective application of the synergistic effects of these two cannabinoids together.

In my experience, more people achieve the desired results with even just one of the cannabinoids than with any other medicine available to mankind at this time. But for that small percent of people who claim to not have seen the results they desire from CBD, maybe they need a little more THC in their CBD Oil than the legal limit allows, in that case, you could get your medical marijuana card and you would have access to many different ratios of CBD and THC combinations and you could use your instincts to adjust your dose to the desired effects. For example, if you needed 200mg of CBD oil to achieve the desired results for anxiety, you might reach it sooner with a ratio of 2mg of CBD and 2mg of THC, because they complement each other and all of the components found in the plant help to deliver the plant’s properties to the specific cells that they need to be delivered to as well as assisting in the proper release and absorption of the compounds, etc. Accordingly, if a patient experimented with THC alone, perhaps they need to up the CBD, various strains have different ratios and these can be smoked, vaped, ingested in oil or edibles.

So much more are present as well, including vitamins A, C and E, naturally occurring B Complex, minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, contains all 20 amino acids.  So if for some reason, you have not achieved the desired results with the Cannabis plant, perhaps, it was because all of the plant’s beneficial components were not present or maybe you just didn’t have your ratios down. Because we all have an Endocannabinoid System, there is really no reason why it shouldn’t work for you, too. Be patient, figure out the dose right for you and feel the healing begin…


Ever wonder where it goes?

I’ve had people tell me they don’t eat organic food, they think everything is poisonous, doesn’t matter what you eat, drink, wear, consume, it’s all toxic….they spray chemical fertilizers on their gardens, they use chemical pesticides on their veggies and fruit and the majority of the time, they have more health problems than they can count and don’t see any correlation. Because I am so strict about organic food and have been for years, I have actually had people with cancer tell my children when they were little that, ‘… it doesn’t matter what you eat, look at me! I eat whatever I want!’ I didn’t say it to them directly, but was thinking, ‘Don’t you have cancer?’ Two different people who had cancer told my daughters that when they were little, unfortunately one has passed.

Truth is we CAN avoid toxins, especially in our gardens, it is the most important place to start. Because whatever we spray on our vegetables or work into our soil becomes the soil. If it is toxic, then so is your soil and your vegetables. Leaching into the water supply, affecting the microorganisms, animals, plants, etc.

We cannot assume that if the FDA or EPA approves a pesticide or fertilizer and says it’s ok to spray on our gardens that this means it’s safe. While many other countries ban toxic herbicides, American crops are grown with such potentially carcinogenic substances as Round up (glyphosate) and atrazine. Never heard of that one? It is actually the most prevalent chemical contaminant in U.S. water supplies. It’s just like DDT, they made it illegal to use in the U.S., so they ship it to Mexico to grow food with and then we buy the food from Mexico that was grown in it….

The problem with these chemicals is they don’t stay where they are sprayed, they leach into the water supply. Nearly 90 percent of the water tested by the USDA has atrazine residue in it.

What does that mean to you? Atrazine is an Endocrine Disruptor. Endocrine disruptions can cause adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects in people and wildlife. Our Endocrine System is the same as our hormone system, including hormone secreting glands and is in charge of regulating blood sugar, our reproductive systems, metabolism, brain function and the nervous system. Disrupting our hormones can lead to serious consequences, one hormone out of whack can have serious ripple effects throughout the body. It has also been linked to birth defects. The effects of this chemical on our bodies is too extensive for this blog, you can research it for yourself, it’s not good.

So, what can you do?

You can use a water filter, look for one that is certified to remove atrazine.

Buy Organic~this is the only way to ensure you are eating clean food. And it’s not just for the food you are eating, you are also supporting a healthy ecosystem, clean drinking water, clean air, love and devotion for our planet, our environment and all of the species that share it.

Contact Your Legislature~Right now, they are trying to lift and rescind laws set in place to protect us from this very issue. The House of Representatives is about to pass Big Ag’s dream bill. This year’s farm bill repeals critical environmental and public health protections – like those that prevent pesticides from getting in our drinking water – while expanding loopholes that have allowed millionaire landowners to stuff their pockets with taxpayer dollars for years.

The farm bill is a massive piece of legislation that has a big impact on our food, air and water. It gets reauthorized every five years and, each time, Big Ag chips away at the protections this bill is meant to ensure. Just look at what this year’s bill would do:

  • Roll back clean water rule regulations and allow farmers to spray pesticides straight into waterways – including those that are drinking water sources!
  • Prevent cities and counties from taking action on pesticides polluting their communities. It would also rescind any existing local regulations.
  • Expand loopholes that allow millionaire landowners to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars, without ever lifting a finger on a farm.

There is something you can do, right now, do your part and click the link below to tell Congress to stand up for healthy farms and people! Make you dollar your voice, only support organic farmers doing the right thing for the planet. Have a clean conscious, know that your choices are impacting your children, the animals, the planet and our future generations in a positive, healthy way!

single drop

CBD Isolate

99% Pure, NO THC. That’s it. My CBD Oil that I get from Denmark contains .03% THC, which unfortunately, depending on what they test for, if you get tested, might show up on a drug test. Granted, if they retest, it will come up a false positive, but still, why draw attention to yourself, right?

CBD Isolate on the other hand does not have any THC, 0%. Within the Hemp Plant there are over 400 different compounds found, over 200 different terpenes, 80 different cannabinoids, flavinoids, etc. Terpenes are responsible for the aroma wafting into your nostrils from a plant. Not just Hemp or Cannabis, any flower or herb, when you smell a pungent whiff of a flower, it is the Terpenes that you are smelling. In CBD Isolate, the majority of these have all been removed. The Isolate that is used in my preparations is from a CO2 Extraction, which is very clean and does not use any solvents. After the CBD Oil is extracted, it goes through a further process in which all of the different compounds that I mentioned above found in the plant are removed including the plant waxes. What is left is a crystalline white powder like substance~CBD Isolate!

This crystalline substance holds all of the potential benefits just waiting to be unlocked. It can be vaped, used in recipes or blended into CBD Oil. That’s what I’m going to do with it….Some folks inquire about my oil but when they find out that it contains .03% THC, it becomes unavailable or untouchable if you will because of drug testing at work, probation, etc. I always tell people if it’s a matter of you losing your job or going to jail, topical is probably the best choice for you. It will not show up on a drug test the same as oral administration will.

But NOW, I will have CBD Oil, with NO THC!! I have acquired the Isolate and am excited to make this product available for people who couldn’t have access to this valuable medicine before. Now, those who have a history or a future they are trying to shape, within a narrow frame, can gain the same relief as everyone else without having to risk incarceration or unemployment!

Removing The Stigma~

There really is no way to measure how many people and pets die each year from not just a lack of access to critical medicine, but lack of ability in a mental capacity. There are many veterans, doctors, nurses, people of all walks of life that could benefit from the Cannabis/Hemp plant, but have mental blocks that prevent them. Hemp is not even a psychoactive plant!

You don’t need a prescription to buy CBD Oil. Most companies guarantee that their CBD Oil does not contain more than .03% THC. You can even get CBD Oil with NO THC in it, (that is the subject of our next blog.) Then why does everyone who needs it not have it?

Part of it is the stigma, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 began with the DEA’s made up word ‘Marijuana’ combining the most popular Mexican girl’s name, ‘Mary’ and the most popular Mexican boy’s name, ‘Juan’ and made up the word, ‘Marijuana.’ Doctors referred to it as Cannabis, in pharmacopeia, it was referred to as Cannabis and was recorded as used for insomnia and pain in 1920’s pharmacopeia.  Noone knew what Marijuana was, and that is why Dr. Woodward from the AMA (American Medical Association) is on record confirming that if they had known it was Cannabis that they were trying to prohibit, that they would have fought the prohibition of Cannabis as it removed a valuable tool from their toolbox.

CBD reefermadness2

At the last show I was at in Plymouth, MA, a gentleman stopped and told me that his mother fought against Hemp! And he was pretty adamant about it and proud maybe even, too. I felt like he was confused and confirmed that Hemp had no psychoactive component to it and that maybe it was Cannabis she fought against. ‘Yea, she fought against that, too,’ he said. ‘But you don’t get high off Hemp, before people started making CBD Oil, Hemp was a fiber, it was an industrial product, why would she fight against it?’ ‘I don’t know why,’ he said, ‘but she did, with her purse and her high heels.’

How misguided are we?! It’s just like my mom’s friend, my mom is trying to tell her that CBD Oil could help some of her issues and she adamantly refuses and says she won’t have anything to do with pot or Marijuana! My mom is 82, so I get that alot from her generation. They were ‘scaremongered’ in a ‘Reefer Madness’ campaign that you can research for yourself and see how exactly they scared the public into forgetting about a valuable medicine and how by 1942 it was removed from pharmacopeia and was known as a menace instead of a medicine.

To be very clear, this is the ONLY substance on the planet that we have these receptors for. In other words, we are hardwired to receive from this plant, it is like software to our bodies that triggers healing. There are many health conditions that are known to man that we now know are Endocannabinoid deficiencies, meaning that we would not have these physical imbalances if we took CBD Oil. Plain and simple. When people take the Oil, there health issues fall away, one by one, or all together, at once, depending on the individual. It is SCIENCE, not religion, not belief, not hypocrisy, not heresay, it is TRUTH, whether you like it or not. And if you don’t, maybe the question to ask yourself is, ‘WHY?’

What is your resistance? What within you refuses to believe proven facts before you? What? You don’t believe that anyone would lie to you or create false truths? Especially, the media? If you truly are that naive, than I am here to wake you from your slumber and shake you if I have to! Some people seriously make me twist their arm so hard to just try it…and EVERYONE of them after they try it, look at me incredulously and say, ‘It doesn’t hurt anymore, that really works!!!’ Ofcourse it does, I’m not lying to you! I am trying to help you feel better, find relief without chemicals that will negatively or adversely affect other parts of your body or that will get you addicted. When my daughter was in a serious car accident years ago, they prescribed her meds and told her to, ‘be careful to not get addicted to them.’ Ofcourse, she didn’t, but I always wondered when Dr’s say that how you are supposed to, ‘be careful.’ Pretty sure when you take a pill you are prescribed you take as prescribed with like a drink or something….what is the proper way to take it and make sure you don’t get addicted? Our bodies are human, if it is an addictive substance, how do we make sure that we don’t get addicted? I mean, really, and then if you do, everyone says you’re a drug addict, but if you took your medicine as prescribed, than who’s fault is that? You were in pain, went to your Dr. and that’s what they give you. What else are you supposed to do? You believe your Dr., they are who you are paying to help you with your health issues. But if you get addicted, then you go to a different Dr. for that. What a disservice! I have learned not to judge and to find out the circumstances of a situation when you hear of drug abuse because pain is an awful thing to live with and if your own Dr. prescribes it for you, it must be ok, right?

Not so much…..

That’s why when I try to tell people in visible pain, ‘I have something that will make you feel better and they keep walking  in the opposite direction, in pain, I can’t help but think to myself, ‘Believe me, it will hurt you alot more than me, if you don’t try my products….literally.’


Good Vibes~

What is Biofeedback? I have sold jewelry for over 25 years beaded with natural semi-precious gemstones and I have included a list on my table with all of the gemstones properties. People ask me if I really believe in that stuff and look deep into my eyes to see if I’m telling the truth. ‘Ofcourse, I do!’ I’d tell them, honestly, because I do believe it. If you believe it, I believe it, if you believe it can help you, there’s no question, it will help you. But did I understand HOW it worked? NO…you don’t always have to know how something works to believe in it, am I right?

But after about 15 years of selling jewelry, unrelated, I went to a ‘Biofeedback’ Class. In the class, I learned that every living cell in our body is vibrating at it’s own frequency, so when, in the 60’s they talked about ‘Good Vibrations,’ they weren’t makin’ stuff up, how everyone assumes. Makes sense, right, that’s why some feel better than others, they are vibrating higher, some are vibrating lower. Some people look ‘under the weather’ but do we just sense their vibration is lower, when they say they are fine? Could this be why some people ‘just rub us the wrong the wrong way?’

So what can we do about it? The good news is there are so many ways to affect our vibration positively!  🙂

The bad news is there are so many ways to affect our vibration negatively  😦

What brings us up? Can you guess? Love, gratitude, joy, feelings of happiness, fulfillment, friends, family, humor….  appreciating what we have, simple pleasures, being easily amused, taking the time to smell the flowers, to look people in the eye, to feel lucky sometimes…. When we are vibrating at a certain frequency, disease cannot live there….might sound crazy, but it’s true.

Listening to music that makes you happy raises your vibration, eating good, organic food raises your vibration, that’s why it’s important to eat meals prepared by someone you love who put nourishing intent into their cooking, not someone hating their job the whole time, (maybe once in a while, is ok) but very, minimally, especially, if you’re fighting a life threatening disease, for sure. Noone will dispute that there is definitely something to be said about a ‘homecooked meal’

Wearing gemstones made from the Earth, tampered with as little as possible such as undyed, unheated, crystals not soaked in acid and boiled…natural stones, that hold the sacred properties in them, properties that our ancestors knew of and tapped into. Ever see a King, Queen, Empress, etc. not decked with jewels? Some are enlightening, some affect Chakras, some relax us, some energizing, it’s all there for us, we just need to find the one that resonates with us that when we pick it up, we know, that’s the one~affecting our vibration either by elevating or lowering it…..

Essential Oils and Plant Medicine raise our vibration, that’s why when we use plants as medicine, we feel better, not worse, it raises our vibration and helps our bodies get to the point it needs to be to effectively address pathogens it comes in contact with.

What ‘brings us down?’ I’m sure you can guess that one, too….cell phones, WIFI, microwaves, electrical devices, alcohol, drugs, prescription medication, synthetic ingredients, GMO’s, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, those might be obvious, but how about people? Definitely! Ever been going about your day, feeling fine, run into someone having a bad day, they unload on you and now all of a sudden you don’t feel as happy as you did? Some of us are more sensitive than others as well.  Or someone that when you think of them, you get a pit in your stomach, that just lowered your vibration, avoid those people, it’s not worth it.  You don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to, sometimes it’s just easier to walk away. Sometimes, safer, too.

EMOTIONS play a huge role in our frequency. Anger, shame, humiliation, hate, resentment, spite, these are all feelings that just bring us down and make us feel bad. It’s not worth it, just isn’t. Ofcourse we cannot help what we think of, thoughts come in and out all day long, but we can help what we focus on, what we choose to KEEP thinking about. This is our CHOICE. When unpleasant thoughts come in,  don’t beat yourself up, just acknowledge them and acknowledge letting them go. Bring in some positive thoughts that make your stomach feel happy when you think of them, you know the ones I mean, when you feel that little like butterfly feeling, think of those as often as you can and release the others,  you will be happier for it!

Here is a little story to relate how easy this can be~   Yesterday, I went into the grocery store, when I was checking out, the young girl cashier there, was VERY upset and kept telling her customers that she just wanted to go home and looked very UNHAPPY. When I got to her, she told me she just wanted to go home, too and that she had hours to go.  She said she had not had one polite customer all day, that she paid $.30 for a lady who was short and that the lady yelled at her! I told her I was sorry, she was still exasperated and I told her I would be her first nice customer all day. I had alot of items in my cart and all of my products in my car. I ran out to the car and got her a Rose Lavender Facial Mist, brought it in and said, ‘I have a gift for you, if you like the way it smells, you can have it.’ She literally grabbed it from my hand sprayed her wrist and got the BIGGEST smile on her face, her beautiful blue eyes lit up and I could see just what she looked like when she was little (she was about 17 years old), and she said, ‘I like it!’ ‘Good!’ I said, ‘You can have it!’

When I left, I saw her leaning over the counter showing one of the other cashiers her new spray excitedly, telling her to smell it, happily. She looked WAY different than when I came in! Such a small gesture, but meant so much! That raised BOTH of our vibrations because it made me feel great making her happy! When I go through a toll booth, I’ll pay for a few cars behind me, I get such a rush. I can literally feel my vibration rising.

Let your feelings and your gut guide you, if it feels good, you are probably raising your vibration, if it doesn’t feel good, it probably isn’t…..500 is the vibration of LOVE, let’s try to get that high and stay there!  🙂



‘CBD, Is It Really A Placebo?’

I actually had someone ask me that question when I was at the Statehouse, in January, educating Legislature about the many benefits of the Cannabis/Hemp Plant. She was serious, as I told her the numerous testimonials I received, that was her question, ‘Is it really a placebo?’ I looked deep in her eyes to see if she was serious, she was. So, I smiled and told her, you see, ‘I know about our Endocannabinoid System, I am learning about the application of Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine, I know it is definitely not a placebo.’

That was 2 months ago, I have received so many more testimonials since then that even if there was a doubt in my mind, it would have dissipated by now. Let me explain a little bit about our CB1 Receptor…and pain…

When you experience an injury, your brain sends out neurotransmitters to that area, with activators and sensitizors, when you activate your CB1 receptor with CBD oil, it blocks those impulses, it stops your brain from sending those sensitizors to the area…lessening your perception of pain…it also works on repairing nerve damage, we have cannabinoids in our bones even, promoting bone formation and increasing bone mass.

If you went to a conventional doctor, they would give you two different medications for this, the beauty of CBD is you only need one, non toxic, no side effects, no lethal overdose. Doesn’t cause reactions that you have to take another medication for. Makes you feel better in so many more ways than one!

What’s wrong with what your doctor gives you? Odds are whatever your doctor gives you for pain, is not good for your liver, is addictive, shouldn’t be taken for a prolonged period of time, is temporary. Many of my patients have been able to get off of their pharmaceutical medications after using my CBD formulations, whether it’s topical or sublingual, is not an indicating factor. Both work well, I have had patients stop taking Ibuprofen, Tramadol , Gabapentin, Cortisone shots, etc.

Lingering neuropathy, shoulder pain, slipped discs, sports injuries, car accident injuries, chronic back pain, cancer, Lipoma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, migraines, leg cramps, bruising, swelling, anxiety, elbow pain, knee pain, extreme foot pain, seizures, energy levels, wrist pain, arthritic knuckles and hands, neck pain, hip pain, incessant paw licking by dogs, canine aggression and anxiety, canine seizures,  canine arthritis, these are all conditions that I have helped my patients relieve.

There is nothing more rewarding for me than knowing that I helped someone part from the path of chronic pain and crossover onto the journey back to well being. We were not meant to be in pain, we are not meant to suffer. We are meant to enjoy health and vitality, if these are just beyond your reach, or you’ve lost sight all together, reach out, get in touch, let me be the light at the end of the tunnel and get the relief you’ve been waiting for! YOU DESERVE IT ❤