Ever heard of your Endocannabinoid System? If you think Cannabis can be used solely for recreational purposes, then you probably haven’t. Our bodies have CB1 and CB2 receptors all throughout, that regulate just about every physiological function that we have. This system is responsible for maintaining cellular homeostasis, which means  balance within the body, such as body temperature, hormone levels, glucose levels, etc. All of us have it, even our pets!

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, one of 80 different cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. THC is another cannabinoid, which has a psychoactive component to it, CBD doesn’t however and actually helps balance out the effects of THC. Research done on these two cannabinoids has shown promise for treating over 250 medical conditions known to man. Imagine once they actually research the other 78 cannabinoids, what they might find?!

These receptors are a lock and key system. This plant is the only substance known on the planet that we have these receptors for. It is as if we are hardwired to receive the many benefits of this plant. It is similar to software to our bodies that triggers healing on an internal level. Cannabis is non-toxic, there is no lethal overdose and there are no adverse side effects. Babies 6 weeks old are given it.

Our bodies produce cannabinoids, but not at the rate we prefer, they are also used up due to stressors in our environment. This is why when we use CBD Oil, is feels so good, because it resonates with our bodies on a cellular level. When activated these receptors can help alleviate a myriad of conditions such as Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Tremors, Seizure Disorders, IBS, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s, Cancer, Lyme, Lupus, Migraines, Menstrual Cramps, Rare Diseases, Skin Conditions, etc. Many of the above mentioned conditions, we now know are symptoms of Endocannabinoid Deficiencies.

Whether we like it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, whether we approve of it or not, whether we are even aware of it, or not, our bodies receive healing from this plant.

But don’t just believe me, if you go to PUBMED and look up how many peer reviewed, scientifically studied articles there on this complex system and the many diseases/conditions that it treats, you will find there has been one written every other day, for the last 20 years!

So if anyone tries to tell you that, ‘There just hasn’t been enough research done on the subject…’ you know where you can tell them to go….


If you are interested in learning more about your Endocannabinoid System, how it works and the many benefits of the plant, Michele teaches a Tripe CBD Workshop Series. If you’d like her to teach a Workshop Series at one of your events, please do not hesitate to reach out, she is passionate about plant medicine and loves sharing her knowledge with others to guide them on the journey back to health and wellness. She has received numerous testimonials as to the efficacy of her CBD products for Topical or Internal Use. You can read and watch the live video testimonials on our Facebook page or on our website~


Pain~Your Bodies Secret Language

Since I started formulating pain relief products, I have been fascinated with what botanical substances are able to alleviate pain. First, I started with essential oils researching specific blends for specific ailments that clients had, that I did not have any relief for at the time.

It all began with a woman I met at the Spruce Peak Farmers Market in Stowe, she was another vendor who was on her 6th pregnancy, she asked if I had anything for migraines and informed me that she only get them when she’s pregnant. At the time, I didn’t and I told her I’d research it and see if I could make her a custom blend.

After hours of research, I collected the ingredients which I luckily had on hand, some of them included gemstones, some were essential oils. Because I am a jeweler, I had some of the ones that are specific for headaches on hand. So I formulated a Gem Essence Roll On for her that she could rub on her temples as needed. I brought it for her to the next market, the following week she came to my booth, excitedly, to let me know how well it worked and how it was the only thing that has ever worked for her! That was 6 years ago, I’ve been selling it ever since and have received many testimonials over the years. One I even have live, which is viewable on my Facebook page~Nature’s Mysteries.

The CBD Oil products work amazingly well and very fast. Since I started formulating them, I have received a testimonial from just about every single client who has tried them. Which makes me so happy to know that I am helping and can help so many.

What worries me, tho, is the source of the pain. If it’s a sore wrist because it was broken in the past and didn’t heal, right, that’s different. If someone was involved in a car accident and had an injury that didn’t heal right…sports related injuries, etc. Those I have no concern over and understand completely. But if someone is experiencing pain and there has been no injury, then there might be room for concern, there. Masking the symptom of pain, might not be the best plan of action in certain situations.

Often times when we experience pain, it is our bodies way of speaking to us and letting us know that something is not right, that something is lacking or something needs attention. Many people think there was nothing leading up to a severe disease or medical condition, but then if they think back, there were little aches and pains here and there that they didn’t think anything of. The chances of someone having a heartache or cancer or leaky gut, etc. and not having had any symptoms prior to diagnosis is unlikely. It has happened of course, but most likely their body tried to send signals that there were changes that needed to be made or else….

Our internal organs do not have pain fibers so they send out signals to other places in our bodies alerting us that there is something wrong. Some health professionals know how to read these signals, some don’t. Some know how to mask these signals, some know how to respond to these signals.

For example, my husband had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year, for months prior to his diagnosis, he was experiencing excruciating back pain. As a builder, he attributed it to hard work, but after a specific amount of time, healing should occur in an effectively functioning system. Like alot of men I’ve come in contact with, they ignore their pain for whatever reason, not to be wimpy…to be manly…to not miss work, etc.

My mother is another example, she is 81 years old and just had a stroke and a heart attack along with kidney failure, 2 months ago. A few months prior to this life threatening episode, she experienced pain in a few different places. Mainly, in her legs, she had no idea that it was a warning sign for a heartache!

While she was in the hospital recovering, one day, she said the bottom of her foot started hurting her really bad, out of nowhere. She was just unconscious for 4 days and hadn’t been walking at all, why would her foot hurt all of a sudden? She told the nurse and the nurse said, like, ‘Oh maybe it’s from touching the bottom rail on the bed.’ What? Not even sure what that meant….

Turns out, it was right in the middle of her foot where your Kidney Meridian ends in Chinese Medicine. I massaged that point along with every other Acupressure point I could along her Kidney Meridian that night and the next morning when she woke up, the pain was gone. I firmly believe if I hadn’t been there and the pain persisted, they probably would’ve given her some pain medication, they asked every time they came in if she wanted some. Which she didn’t. She doesn’t like pharmaceutical drugs. But if the pain had persisted and gotten that bad, she might of…But that would be uncalled for, clearly there was an imbalance going on with her kidneys, she had kidney failure. Took a couple of days for it to show up after the heart attack, but we were able to alleviate it simply by pushing on some Acupressure points.

These are just a couple of simple examples that illustrate the bodies way of expressing dysfunction within by sending out pain signals. What we need to do, is listen to our bodies…yes we want to make the pain go away, but why are we experiencing the pain in the first place is the real question we should be asking ourself and more importantly, what changes do we need to make, to make it stop?


Emotions~Is That The Root Cause of Your Disease?

Noone really knows the role our emotions play in disease. But we can see how important they are in healing as well as the possible root cause when we realize what kind of chemical reactions our emotions can cause within our bodies.

Often times when people experience insomnia, they assume that it is because of their mind and all the thoughts that are going through it. But actually, our heart’s electro-frequency is about 60 times greater than our brain. It could be that it’s our heart in turmoil, or overloaded with so much emotion. In this way, our feelings can actually prevent us from sleeping, I am sure everyone is aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep for the proper functioning of the human body and has heard or experienced some of the symptoms that a lack of sleep can cause.

When we experience stress, or other tension related circumstances, our bodies release a hormone called ‘cortisol’. This is not good. Cortisol can be responsible for many of our common medical conditions found today. ‘Cortisol runs unnaturally high as a result of our stress-filled lives, and that causes all kinds of symptoms and long-term health problems down the road. High cortisol … Sustained high cortisol levels have been associated with Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, insulin resistance, obesity and type 2 diabetes’ according to Women’s Health Network~

If we are stressed out all the time or engaging in situations that we know will become confrontational or involving ourselves in relationships with people that give us a pit in our stomach just thinking about the person, whether we believe it or not, this can actually cause symptoms, illness and eventually disease.

When we find ourselves in these situations, it is hard to focus, because we are preoccupied with thoughts of future or past confrontations, what we will say next time, what we should have said last time. The tension builds, our attention is distracted from here and now, where it should be, enjoying the moments we have, with the people around us, feeling gratitude for the things we’ve been given…they stray to the person of conflict and searching for solutions, whether it’s a boss, coworker, relative, spouse, friend, lover, parent, sibling, etc. so we are prepared for the next confrontation.

There is new research involving something called ACES~Adverse Childhood Experiences:
These can be anything from divorce to death of a family member, mental, physical emotional abuse, etc. there are 10 that they have listed.

Anyone experiencing 6 or more ACES~has an increased risk of reduction in their lifespan by 20 years!

4 or more ACES~over 400%  increase risk for Alzheimers, depression, mental illness.

2 or more ACES increases risk of Automimmune disease by 100%

Over 8 ACES~3x risk of Lung Cancer and Heart Disease

Forgiveness is the only way to move on, doesn’t mean you like the person or person’s who are the source of your pain,, it just means that you are letting go. That you will not let them be the source of your pain, anymore, or the source of your possible future illness if you keep dwelling on it.

There is an old Buddhist story that tells of two monks traveling together.  As they walked, they approached a river with a strong current, there was a young, beautiful woman standing there who asked for assistance in crossing. The Master, picked her up on his back and carried her across. And they went on their way. Monks are not permitted to touch women. They walked for awhile and neither said anything. After a long time, the younger monk asked how the Master could do that when he is not permitted to touch women? “What”, asked the Master. ‘I left that woman behind back at the bank, you have been carrying her with you all this way…’

Leaving the past behind and knowing that it is just that, the past, that it cannot affect us anymore…It doesn’t have a hold on us anymore, and knowing that we can choose to focus our thoughts on happier memories in our life not dwell on the painful ones. Sure, we cannot help where our thoughts drift off to, but we can certainly direct them in the direction that will benefit us the most rather than rehashing bad memories that aren’t gonna change.

Every experience we have had has made us who we are today, so we cannot regret any of them, because whether we learned how not to be or how to be, what to do or what not to do, what to say or what’s better left unsaid, there is no going back and we can’t change it. Hopefully, we learned from it, and if not, we will probably have to repeat the same mistakes until we do. But we must love ourselves and give ourselves the time to heal from past wounds, the time to learn the proper way to respond when offended or humiliated or when someone is trying to take advantage of us as well as how to accept love from others and how to open up to the love and support that is being offered when it’s being offered and to embrace it. To accept that we all have vulnerabilities and things that make us human and that is just life. We don’t need to live in regret, or anger or hatred. Leave those people behind. If when you think of them, they give you a pit in your stomach, don’t think of them. Think of things that make you feel happy. You can control where your thoughts linger, even if not where they stray.

It’s a New Year, with a new outlook and a new beginning. A beginning filled with only the best for you. Think of what you want, not what you don’t. Attract that which is good for you, not what you fear.

“Life can be found only in the present moment. The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in touch with life.”  ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Winter Willoughby Ice Craters



Essential Oils~The Gifts of the Gods

Many people have heard of essential oils, some have seen them, some have tried them, many have used them, but didn’t really understand their structure, their complexity, their beauty, their diversity, their efficacy, their similarities, their many applications…

Sometimes people turn to essential oils for their cleaning needs, sometimes for personal care, but they actually are so much more than that, they are actual plant medicine.  They have been used for over 5000 years, they are mentioned in the Bible over 300 times. They are mentioned in other ancient texts all over the world, from Egypt to Greece to China, etc. They were the medicine that people used and went to, their extraction process’ might have differed and they might have been using a slightly different product, but either way, they were using the life essence of the plants, extracted, concentrated and applying it. Hippocrates alone documented over 200+ herbs. That’s not just their past record, there are over 17,000 studies, today, proving their efficacy. More than 1000 physicians use essential oils in their practices today, in France, alone.

Their popularity is returning after a kind of a fog has been lifted, prescription medicine users are learning the adverse side effects of their medications and are turning to more natural remedies for alternatives. There are some side effects that might be experienced by essential oils, but they are not adverse, is the difference. Like any other substance, essential oil users bodies differ and what is fine for one, might not be for another and if not administered properly, can cause adverse side effects.  But if used properly, such as  diluting oils that should not be applied without carrier oils and remembering less is more, performing patch tests, the effects and results are amazing in how they support, strengthen and tone the body with a synergy that cannot be found by conventional, prescribed or OTC (over the counter) drugs.

Some essential oils have compounds in them that allow them to pass through the blood/brain barrier supporting the brain, which in turn supports the rest of the body, directly, as most signals originate in the brain. Beginning with your brain is a great place to start. Some also have the ability to reduce the perception of pain, they trigger neurotransmitters in your brain to secrete certain hormones specific to the essential oils properties. And there are certain essential oils for every body system, specifically.

Each essential oils chemistry makeup relates with the body in a different way. It is a specific molecule or chain of molecules that create different reactions to support harmony in the body.  Some essential oils have smaller molecules allowing them to absorb quickly into the bloodstream. Transdermal application (applying eo’s on thin skin) ensures a speedy absorption rate. Some can be applied directly to the area you are trying to effect. For example, if you are trying to relieve a headache, the temples are the best place to apply as well as the back of the neck. If you are someone experiencing thyroid issues, a blend can be formulated and then administered directly on the thyroid. The soles of the feet are another effective area for application, as well as the spine, abdomen, behind ears, etc.

Some are best not used neat (without a carrier oil), and must be mixed with another oil which allows the essential oils to sit on top of the skin instead of being directly absorbed so quickly, such as treating eczema or psoriasis or another condition that was best treated topically. Others, because of certain chemical constituents, actually are irritating to the skin if not mixed with a carrier oil, because of the potent properties contained.

Diffusing is another way to use essential oils, inhalation of essential oils can be just as beneficial as applying topically. There are many kinds of diffusers, in varying price ranges, the beauty of it is if it seems confusing, it’s really not, pick a condition or symptom, you can find a book, google or call me and find out what essential oil best fits the relief you are seeking and it only takes a couple of drops on a diffuser pad or dropped in water (depending on your diffuser) to find the desired relief. So, even if the essential oil was expensive, they last a long time because you typically are only using a couple drops at a time.

Some essential oils can be taken internally, again a couple drops in water morning and or night. Some should never be taken internally. Which is why it is important to educate yourself when using them, and work with a qualified professional, as with anything. If you are using prescription meds, you should definitely educate yourself about contraindications, possible side effects, etc. Essential oils are no different, in order to be used safely. Some can interact with medications, so it is always best to ask your physician when using prescription medications. And if you are told that they contraindicate, sometimes, there are other essential oils that can be used instead of others.

They are so safe that they can be used during pregnancy (certain ones), on babies and children and on our pets, too. If we choose to use essential oils and to protect ourselves and our families from prescription medications, our pets are part of our family, too. Some essential oils are not safe for cats as they metabolize essential oils differently than dogs because of their liver. The following oils should be avoided around cats~

  • Peppermint
  • Lemon Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Melaleuca Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Cinnamon Bark Oil
  • Wintergreen Oil
  • Thyme Oil
  • Birch Oil


The benefits of essential oils is so numerous that one blog is not efficient in expressing them. But a few of the properties include: balancing blood sugar levels, balancing hormone levels, increasing circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, protecting the internal organs, supporting a healthy metabolism, supporting healthy cellular regeneration, balance sebum production in the skin, minimize allergy symptoms, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, anti-cancer, anti-depressant, mood balancing, anti-tumor, fever reducing, stress relieving, tension relieving, dry up mucous, immune support, etc.

Do not ever let anyone tell you that you have some condition that nothing can be done for or that you need to take medication the rest of your life and the symptoms you are experiencing cannot be alleviated. The body is infinite, complex and very basic at the same time; given what it needs, it will function properly, that’s it. If it is deficient, than it just needs to be brought back into balance and then symptoms fall away and start disappearing until overall health is achieved. Not saying it is an overnight occurrence, especially if you are on numerous medications or have numerous conditions, but I can tell you that over time, which will pass anyway whether you make changes or not, you will get better, slowly but surely, it will happen, and vital health will be achieved. Even if it takes years to reach the goals you desire, either the years will pass and you will strengthen or you will deteriorate, mostly up to you…

AutoImmune Disease

What happens to our immune system when AutomImmune Disease occurs? And do we need to suppress the Immune System to get a  handle on the symptoms? Maybe we should remove our Immune System like they do with everything else when it doesn’t function properly…take it out. Would you do that with your car? Would you think there was a part in there that the mechanic who built it, put in there for fun, not function? So when the car starts experiencing difficulties running smoothly, we just take out that part? For people who believe in God or any other Infinite Creator, do you believe that the Creator in all of their wisdom, just had a bad day when they made your thyroid? Bum part? Oh yeah, we have recalls on all of the thyroids, tonsils, uterus’ that were made that year, they all had to come out….

No, we were not meant to be sick, we were meant to experience life, vitality and health. Unfortunately, if you are reading this from the United States, then your food supply has been poisoned. Other countries do not allow GMO’s, they care what their citizens eat….

How do GMO’s and AutoImmune Disease tie together? GMO’s cause Inflammation, we know most disease stems from Inflammation. Inflammation causes AutoImmune Disease as well as many other diseases. If we think about Leaky Gut, or Intestinal Permeability, the gut lining has been damaged to the point of allowing proteins and other bacteria and food particles into our bloodstream, many of these bacteria and proteins mimic the molecules of our own tissues, which is known as molecular mimicry.  When our immune system’s recognize these foreign invaders in our blood and goes out to destroy them, the tissues in our joints resemble the molecules in the bacteria. So, our immune system doesn’t stop with bacteria and proteins, it tries to be super thorough, recognizing those molecules as similar to the foreign invaders, so it starts attacking our joints, which explains Rheumatoid  Arthritis and other chronic joint pain, MS, Fibromyalgia, Hyperthyroidism, Crohn’s Disease, etc. There is even a Syndrome known as Leaky Brain where the Blood/Brain Barrier has actually become damaged and permeated and these large particles of food are actually passing through causing all kinds of brain fog, memory problems, etc. Our immune system ends up getting irritated so much every time we eat, that it gets like overstimulated and starts reacting to everything we eat. The answer is not to suppress it, it’s to stop irritating it.

Then if anyone has ever been on antibiotics, they wipe out all of your intestinal bacteria which you need. It is recommended that after you’ve been on antibiotics, you take Probiotics with several, specific strains for 2 years. Our bodies need fiber to perform at our best. Meat and dairy products, do not contain fiber. Plants contain fiber, the kind we need. Our bodies cannot digest plant fiber, it is the bacteria in our gut that digests plant fiber. So if we are lacking those beneficial bacteria in our gut, then we are not digesting the necessary plant fibers we require. If we are not assimilating those nutrients, we can have the best diet, eat organic food, cut out GMO’s, but if we are not eating foods that include prebiotics as well as probiotics, then we are in a constant state of nutritional deficiency. Nutritional deficiencies can cause all kinds of biochemical reactions within the body.

Prebiotics are food constituents that nurture and nourish the probiotic bacteria within our intestines. Foods to include in our diet that contain prebiotics that help our bodies digest our food properly are artichoke, bananas, barley, fruit, garlic, onions, whole milk, whole milk yogurt and kefir, beans and legumes of all kinds, berries of all kinds, greens, miso, tomatoes, whole grains and seeds.  Other foods that are soothing and a beneficial part of a Leaky Gut Healing Protocol would be foods high in Quercitin. Quercetin is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that blocks histamine reactions in the body. Apples, broccoli, capers, garlic, grapes, green tea, kale, kiwi, leafy greens are all Quercetin rich foods.

Fasting is an excellent part of a treatment plan for AutoImmune disease, giving the body time to heal and rejuvenate cells and a break from digestion can be very beneficial to the healing process. When you remove the pathogens that are triggering the reactions within the immune system, the body has the time it requires to focus on rebuilding cells, producing healthy cholesterol to patch up those holes in the intestinal lining, etc. Fasting can be done for around 16 hours drinking only veggie juice or herbal teas, the idea is to stay hydrated, not dehydrated.

Remember everything you eat is either reducing inflammation or causing it, choose wisely…


How to listen with your heart~

Many of us feel like we are good listeners, we listen when people talk. we think of something that happened to us to relate it back to and we explain our similar experience that we had, thinking that we have been an effective listener…and maybe we have…partly.

Often times when people vent to us, we listen partially, but right away our mind goes to a similar experience and we kinda wait for them to finish talking and then we tell our story. But that’s not really active listening. We have all done it and do it and it doesn’t mean that we are not a good listener. But if someone says to us, ‘Man, this was a rough day!’ Some will be inclined to say, ‘You have no idea, I….’ or ‘You think your day was bad, I…’ or ‘I know, right? I….’ So, that’s awesome that you can relate to having a bad day, but usually if someone mentions something, it’s because they need to talk about it. Not necessarily, to hear a similar story or to even find a solution. But just to talk, to relate to another individual about what they are going through, feeling and experiencing. If when your friend say’s, ‘Man, this was a rough day!’ You say, ‘Really, what happened?’ And you just listen, you don’t try to relate it back to yourself, you just listen to what they are saying. How that must have made them feel, what they said, or did, how their reaction made them feel. Were they happy with it? The outcome? Did they wish they did or said something else or something different? What happened next? Was there ever closure? Do you see? How that is much more helpful than just instantly talking about yourself and relating it back to something similar that you experienced? After your friend has vented to the best of their ability and you have exhausted all angles, maybe then, it would be ok, to say, ‘I know, I too, was once in a similar situation and I felt this way…’ The thing is, sometimes when people talk, they don’t really want a solution, they just want to talk and feel like someone heard them.

I went to a Retreat a while back and in the beginning of it, in circle, they advised that we only offer a solution after we ask the person sharing if they are looking for a solution. I hadn’t really considered that one, much…I am a problem solver, when a friend tells me of a problem, the first thing I do, is try to come up with a solution! That’s not active listening! I am immediately sorting through details and possibilities and feasibility. Sometimes, I don’t even need to hear the rest, I’ve already got a solution! But had I ever considered that maybe my friend just wanted to vent? Sure…but I still had a solution…

So, the next time our friend wants to talk, or even a customer, (I have that happen alot,) or even a person we’re waiting in line next to that is oversharing. Instead, of going through our life history as they speak trying to find a story that we can relate it to, let’s really listen with our hearts, hear the deeper meaning, the underlying message, make them feel like we really understand what their experience was and how it made them feel. And if we can clearly see a solution, ask, ‘Are you looking for a solution,’ before we just offer one.

Is that really what you want to give them?

This time of year, so many gifts bought are of little to no importance, it’s merely so you don’t show up empty handed. Many folks stop and buy some last minute, pretty, smelly economical gift. But what is really in that pretty, smelly, economical gift. A little bit of skin sensitizer? A little bit of developmental and reproductive toxicity? A little bit of cancer? Really? Fragrance on a label can indicate the presence of up to four thousand separate ingredients, many toxic or carcinogenic.

YES! There are no regulations on personal/body care products. They can put whatever they want in there and believe me, they do! Follow the link below to inform yourself about the toxins used in skincare products, their derivative and what part of the body that is affected.

I compiled this booklet for my clients years ago, so that they can educate themselves, become informed consumers that make conscious choices about what they want to put on their bodies, where they want to spend their money and to learn their responsibility to not give a toxic gift, especially to a loved one.

An increased number of people these days are becoming more and more sensitive to the chemicals found in our environment, developing chemical sensitivities. Candles, lotions, cremes, body butters, hair sprays, make-up, perfumes, all contain synthetic fragrances.

If we are trying to give gifts to people we love, why not give them a gift that actually increases their longevity, not one that has the potential to reduce it. As we know from earlier posts, when considering what we put into our mouth, we have to ask the question, is this going to cause inflammation or reduce it? Everything that goes into our mouth is doing one or the other. So, we need to ask ourselves the same question. Your skin, being your largest organ, absorbing 60% of what we put on it, is what we are applying strengthening our body? Am I just giving this gift because it’s easy? Because if that is the case, there alot of easy alternatives…. give the gift of something healthy to those you love.

Shop at a local Coop or Health Food Store and one can find a multitude of possibilities from massage oils, to vitamins to pain relieving salves to beeswax candles that don’t poison the air. Some fine rich, organic dark chocolate that they might not necessarily buy for themself but love….a diffuser with an essential oil that helps uplift your spirit or mood….an essential oil starter kit for your loved one that is interested in Natural Remedies but doesn’t know where to start. Salt lamps are also a very good gift as well. They can actually assist in not feeling so sluggish and tired.

Plants are always a good option. Purifying the air, looking pretty, lasting a long time and every time a loved one looks at it, they think of you!

Pictures are also always a good option, one that you took that is your favorite that you blow up, one that is of the two of you, one of your favorite spot to go to be alone, one of their children or grandchildren, a great shot you have that they never saw…calendars are also a great idea, made with 12 of your favorite pictures!

My husband gifted me a class to acquire my Homeopathy Certificate 20 years go, that was a great one! If you have a loved one with a sincere interest in anything, you could research it and give them a course on something they love.

A gift certificate to your favorite travel destination with a fun itinerary. Music, in any form is also always a good one, tickets to a concert with their favorite artist is another good one.

If you can’t find anything else, I am having a 10% off sale on my website, you can give the gift from Mother Nature’s Pantry, where Purity is our Priority!