How to listen with your heart~

Many of us feel like we are good listeners, we listen when people talk. we think of something that happened to us to relate it back to and we explain our similar experience that we had, thinking that we have been an effective listener…and maybe we have…partly.

Often times when people vent to us, we listen partially, but right away our mind goes to a similar experience and we kinda wait for them to finish talking and then we tell our story. But that’s not really active listening. We have all done it and do it and it doesn’t mean that we are not a good listener. But if someone says to us, ‘Man, this was a rough day!’ Some will be inclined to say, ‘You have no idea, I….’ or ‘You think your day was bad, I…’ or ‘I know, right? I….’ So, that’s awesome that you can relate to having a bad day, but usually if someone mentions something, it’s because they need to talk about it. Not necessarily, to hear a similar story or to even find a solution. But just to talk, to relate to another individual about what they are going through, feeling and experiencing. If when your friend say’s, ‘Man, this was a rough day!’ You say, ‘Really, what happened?’ And you just listen, you don’t try to relate it back to yourself, you just listen to what they are saying. How that must have made them feel, what they said, or did, how their reaction made them feel. Were they happy with it? The outcome? Did they wish they did or said something else or something different? What happened next? Was there ever closure? Do you see? How that is much more helpful than just instantly talking about yourself and relating it back to something similar that you experienced? After your friend has vented to the best of their ability and you have exhausted all angles, maybe then, it would be ok, to say, ‘I know, I too, was once in a similar situation and I felt this way…’ The thing is, sometimes when people talk, they don’t really want a solution, they just want to talk and feel like someone heard them.

I went to a Retreat a while back and in the beginning of it, in circle, they advised that we only offer a solution after we ask the person sharing if they are looking for a solution. I hadn’t really considered that one, much…I am a problem solver, when a friend tells me of a problem, the first thing I do, is try to come up with a solution! That’s not active listening! I am immediately sorting through details and possibilities and feasibility. Sometimes, I don’t even need to hear the rest, I’ve already got a solution! But had I ever considered that maybe my friend just wanted to vent? Sure…but I still had a solution…

So, the next time our friend wants to talk, or even a customer, (I have that happen alot,) or even a person we’re waiting in line next to that is oversharing. Instead, of going through our life history as they speak trying to find a story that we can relate it to, let’s really listen with our hearts, hear the deeper meaning, the underlying message, make them feel like we really understand what their experience was and how it made them feel. And if we can clearly see a solution, ask, ‘Are you looking for a solution,’ before we just offer one.

Is that really what you want to give them?

This time of year, so many gifts bought are of little to no importance, it’s merely so you don’t show up empty handed. Many folks stop and buy some last minute, pretty, smelly economical gift. But what is really in that pretty, smelly, economical gift. A little bit of skin sensitizer? A little bit of developmental and reproductive toxicity? A little bit of cancer? Really? Fragrance on a label can indicate the presence of up to four thousand separate ingredients, many toxic or carcinogenic.

YES! There are no regulations on personal/body care products. They can put whatever they want in there and believe me, they do! Follow the link below to inform yourself about the toxins used in skincare products, their derivative and what part of the body that is affected.

I compiled this booklet for my clients years ago, so that they can educate themselves, become informed consumers that make conscious choices about what they want to put on their bodies, where they want to spend their money and to learn their responsibility to not give a toxic gift, especially to a loved one.

An increased number of people these days are becoming more and more sensitive to the chemicals found in our environment, developing chemical sensitivities. Candles, lotions, cremes, body butters, hair sprays, make-up, perfumes, all contain synthetic fragrances.

If we are trying to give gifts to people we love, why not give them a gift that actually increases their longevity, not one that has the potential to reduce it. As we know from earlier posts, when considering what we put into our mouth, we have to ask the question, is this going to cause inflammation or reduce it? Everything that goes into our mouth is doing one or the other. So, we need to ask ourselves the same question. Your skin, being your largest organ, absorbing 60% of what we put on it, is what we are applying strengthening our body? Am I just giving this gift because it’s easy? Because if that is the case, there alot of easy alternatives…. give the gift of something healthy to those you love.

Shop at a local Coop or Health Food Store and one can find a multitude of possibilities from massage oils, to vitamins to pain relieving salves to beeswax candles that don’t poison the air. Some fine rich, organic dark chocolate that they might not necessarily buy for themself but love….a diffuser with an essential oil that helps uplift your spirit or mood….an essential oil starter kit for your loved one that is interested in Natural Remedies but doesn’t know where to start. Salt lamps are also a very good gift as well. They can actually assist in not feeling so sluggish and tired.

Plants are always a good option. Purifying the air, looking pretty, lasting a long time and every time a loved one looks at it, they think of you!

Pictures are also always a good option, one that you took that is your favorite that you blow up, one that is of the two of you, one of your favorite spot to go to be alone, one of their children or grandchildren, a great shot you have that they never saw…calendars are also a great idea, made with 12 of your favorite pictures!

My husband gifted me a class to acquire my Homeopathy Certificate 20 years go, that was a great one! If you have a loved one with a sincere interest in anything, you could research it and give them a course on something they love.

A gift certificate to your favorite travel destination with a fun itinerary. Music, in any form is also always a good one, tickets to a concert with their favorite artist is another good one.

If you can’t find anything else, I am having a 10% off sale on my website, you can give the gift from Mother Nature’s Pantry, where Purity is our Priority!



Is pet cancer preventable? This year 2 million dogs and cats will be diagnosed with cancer. As little as 5% are attributed to genetics. The remaining 95% are caused by environment and lifestyle. But here’s good news…

Pet cancer occurrences and possibilities can absolutely be minimized with a few lifestyle choices on the behalf of the pet parent. Pet’s are getting cancer these days at an alarming rate and pet owners are beginning to question if there is something that they can do to protect their best friend from this needless suffering? The good news is that by the end of this blog, you will know, too, what a pet parent can do to protect their pets from this dreaded and often deadly disease.

In the docu-series ‘The Truth About Pet Cancer,”, we find that the water our pets drink plays a vital role. Many people would not drink city water, yet, do not hesitate to give it to their dog or cat. Municipal drinking water supplies can contain carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals that your pet is taking in, everyday.  The NRDC (National Resources Defense Council comprised this list you can check out for yourself~

Another factor that plays a vital role in your pet’s health is the food they are ingesting everyday. While most of us feed our pets dry kibble, a handful of pet parents are learning the benefits of feeding their pet a raw food diet. Alot of the name brand dog food companies are loading their dry dog food with carbohydrates, sugar, genetically modified corn, fillers, additives, etc. Pedigree Dog Food comes in at about 50% sugar! Even the expensive vet recommended dog foods sold by veterinarians are no better at 50% sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar, having half of what our pets put into their mouth be sugar, you can see how this would up their chances. A raw food diet comprised of primarily meats and vegetables is the best choice for our pets. Think about what their dog ancestors ate in the wild… Sugar and GMO’s are not the only thing you need to look after in pet’s food, according to Ty Bollinger of ‘The Truth About Cancer,” there is a whole spectrum of ingredients to look out for in typical pet food such as:

Mycotoxins, a poisonous byproduct of fungal mold growth that often forms on grains and seeds. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says exposure to mycotoxins like aflatoxins and fumonisins represents a serious health risk in animals that can lead to the formation of both acute and chronic diseases, including immune disorders and cancer.
Animal byproducts, or the parts of slaughtered animals left over after the parts for human consumption have been removed. Besides the ick factor of many of these remains (e.g. hooves, heads, and manure), animal byproducts often contain residues of pharmaceuticals like pentobarbital, an anesthetic drug used to euthanize animals.
Synthetic chemical preservatives, including substances like Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), Propylene Glycol (PG), and Ethoxyquin. BHA and BHT are both known carcinogens and reproductive toxicants that are added to pet food to keep it “fresh.” Ethoxyquin is so harmful that it’s illegal to use in human food, but it’s a common ingredient used in dried pet food, especially varieties that contain “fish meal.”
Artificial colors, which are typically petroleum derivatives. Dyes like Yellow #5 and Red #40 are known contributors to hypersensitivity, behavioral problems, and cancer. Caramel color is likewise problematic, especially in animals because it contains a chemical known as 4-methylimidazole (4-MIE) that’s a scientificallyproven animal carcinogen.
Rendered fat, a flavor-enhancer that’s often contaminated with microorganisms, heavy metals, and other toxins. Rendered fat is also a common source of mycotoxins, which forms when too much moisture is present.
Carrageenan, a common additive in “wet” pet food that’s been shown to provoke an inflammatory response in animals. The  International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) admits that carrageenan is a “possible human carcinogen,” and recent research conducted by The Cornucopia Institute (CI) identified this likely cancer-causing ingredient in roughly 70% of canned pet food products.
Pea protein meal, a cheap replacement for actual meat that lacks the complete spectrum of health-promoting amino acids. Unless a pet food product containing this ingredient also contains either meat, rice protein, or some other source of all 20 amino acids, pets that eat it will likely develop nutrient deficiencies that could eventually lead to chronic disease and cancer.
Ty says, “Generally speaking, the proper nutrient ratio for dogs is about 75 percent meats, fats, organs, and bones, and 25 percent vegetables. And for cats are a little more carnivorous. Their ratio leans more heavily on the protein end of the spectrum, ideally constituting about 88 percent meats, fats, and organs (bones are bad for cats) and 12 percent vegetables.”

This is a list of pet foods in the Pet Food Guide comprised by the Cornupcopia Institute

Vaccines are deadly and the amount of space spent on their toxicity could take up web page after web page, oh, wait, it does! I would just like to say think about it; why would you give a Chihuahua the same amount of vaccine as you would a Rottweiler? They don’t weigh your pet and then make the injection accordingly…they are all dosed and ready to go, general one for all. Don’t you think the dose that is ‘effective’ for a Rottweiler would vary a for a dog that is less than even a third of the other’s weight.

To give a puppy a dose of at least 3 or more vaccines combined is more than he would ever even likely come into contact with all at one time in the wild, combining them all at once can pose a challenge on the pet’s immune system. Some veterinarians are doing blood tests on the animal to see if the antibodies are circulating in the blood, if they are, then no need for another dose of vaccine.

A common area for cats to get tumors is in the back of their neck, which is exactly where they inject them with vaccines. When those tumors from the back of cat’s necks were dissected, the vaccine lie in the middle of the tumor.

Lack of Vitamin D can also contribute to difficulties in fighting diseases such as cancer in your pets. If you choose to stay in all day, that is your choice, although you are probably deficient in Vitamin D, too! Make sure that your pet spends at least 45 min. a day in full spectrum light, even if the sun is not shining, it’s ok, the fresh air and exercise daily is essential for optimum health.

Application of toxic chemicals in the form of flea and tick collars, powders, sprays, drops, etc., shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, etc. Noone wants a smelly dog and noone wants their pets to be eaten by fleas or ticks, but there are natural alternatives available for our pets, now, more than ever. Diatomaceous earth is an excellent flea and tick deterrent that is just millions of year old sea creatures that when inspected more closely under a microscope, resemble Chex cereal. They scratch off the waxy coating off of the insect, causing it to dehydrate and die, in this way, it kills these pests with a physical action instead of a chemical one. Essential oils repel fleas & ticks as natural deterrents and also provides a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the insects mental capacity and repels them. If you are looking for organic alternatives for your pet’s hygiene and pest control, check out my website Irie Pet Apothecary

CBD Oil is an excellent alternative form of medicine for pets suffering from anything! A very close friend has a dog that has been battling cancer for over four years. Yesterday was the day that, after many failed attempts of putting her down, was to be her last. She hasn’t gotten up in days, doesn’t eat, or get up to go to the bathroom, is pretty unresponsive and painful to watch. Her owner had the appointment scheduled to put her down at 4 PM yesterday. After my husband told me and I shed many tears for our dear, furry friend, I urged him to bring her some CBD oil and told him of all the miraculous stories I’ve heard of. He was concerned for our friend who had finally made this difficult decision. And said he would just bring it for the dog to make her passing a little easier. When he got there he put the little vial I gave him into her mouth and poured it in. Within minutes she got up! Went over, ate some food and went to the bathroom! Her owner could not believe it, and said he was not going to take her and put her down! I love CBD oil, if you have a sick animal or any sick loved one, try it for yourself!

Now, you have a little insight into the causes and prevention of pet cancer. I bought the Docu-series, ‘The Truth About Pet Cancer,’ if anyone would like to watch it, let me know and I will be happy to share my login and password with you so that you can get informed yourself and take your pet’s health into your own hands. They’re trusting us, let’s not let them down.

There’s nothing more we can do….

In our traditional societies, today, of conventional medicine, people hear their doctor or veterinarian say this, but what does it really mean? Does it mean there are no more treatments conducive to your healing? Does it mean that there is nothing left in their plethora of pharmaceutical destruction to address your condition? Does it mean they’ve given up on you? Does it mean they are out of solutions? Is there really ‘nothing more we can do?’

Of course, there is always more we can do! Even if it’s just quality of life…the Earth is so vast and the number of plant species and chemical constituents that make them are endless. Which is the beauty of Mother Nature’s Pantry. If one plant doesn’t work, there are hundreds more to try and the possible combinations are too numerable to count. The synergistic effect of plants when combined is way more than most typical, doctors could even begin to comprehend.

Not only are the plant options innumerable, really, nowadays with postal services, one can access any plant from anywhere in the world. But the possible choice of mediums are countless~one can try Homeopathy, fresh herbs, dried herbs, tinctures, extracts, resins, essential oils, etc.

The method of application can vary greatly, different methods of ingestion varying from sublingual to teas to oils, etc. Topical application for direct absorption into specific areas, or Aromatherapy with numerous ways to diffuse essential oils ranging from atomizing, to vaping, to just adding a few drops to a spray bottle & enjoying direct inhalation that way.

Neither way is right or wrong, whichever resonates the most with you, whichever one brings the most relief, whichever is the most beneficial, is the one for you, regardless of what results others have experienced from similar methods. Often times, friends or ones we encounter in our everyday travels try to advise us when we open up to them. While their advice is well intended, it is often misdirected. Unless someone has really studied plant medicine, than their personal experiences really have no bearing on your options, because one thing did not work for them,, is absolutely no indication whether it will work for you, we are all different. With our own family history, background, environmental factors, diets, genetics, tendencies and preferences, what hasn’t worked for one, definitely has the possibility  of working for another. Even for people who are in the same family…we all know how different people in the same family can be and you wonder how that can be when they all grew up in the same house?

When my husband had Non Hodgkins Lymphoma last year and we received the little booklet that goes along with chemo about your blood and what symptoms would indicate what feelings, for instance, low red blood count would mean you would feel sluggish and tired. I realized how when we feel certain symptoms it is because our body is lacking in something. Which usually always go back to something that Nature can provide. Do you need to boost your white blood cell count? Lower your blood pressure, increase your energy, increase your appetite? Fight infection? Improve circulation? Support a healthy metabolism? Detoxify? Absorb vital nutrients?

With just about any issue the body is experiencing, what is needed is to stabilize the body, so it is in a state of homeostasis in which the systems are maintaining stability, the next object is to detoxify, the body can only withstand so much before it starts experiencing difficulties in managing its normal daily functions. Limit exposure. With too many toxins being introduced, the body becomes stressed and under pressure, once you can stabilize it, with the proper nutrients and support needed, it is time to start slowly detoxifying to remove as many of those toxic components as possible. Drinking distilled water attracts impurities from within your body like a magnet and has cleansing properties to it. Often times, detoxifying and removing as many toxins as possible in the immediate environment can alleviate many symptoms. Rebuilding is a vital component in restoring energy and to support the growth of new cells. Getting enough rest in the dark, connecting with our Higher Power or God once a day and filling our bodies full of healing love and energy, plenty of exercise, taking vitamins, enzymes, mushrooms, juicing fresh organic veggies, drinking fresh organic smoothies and toning teas, restoring healthy flora in the gut, maintaining a healing atmosphere, are all ‘THINGS’ that we can do, that will not only give them more time, whether it’s a pet’s or person’s, but will increase their quality of life.

We are all going to die someday, we cannot ask to live forever, but we can expect our time here to be enjoyable. And if we are too sick to see the err of our ways, whether it’s where we live, what we eat, what we put into or on our body, what we surround ourselves with, what we don’t surround ourselves with, and if our doctors are too narrow to come up with anything that is helpful, then let this be the guiding light and the end of a dark tunnel, because there is always something we can do to better our time here and our quality of life!

What is wrong with your medication? Over 125,000 Americans die each year from properly prescribed medications

“About 2,460 people per week are estimated to die from drugs that were properly prescribed, and that’s based on detailed chart reviews of hospitalized patients,” says Light, who is a professor of comparative health policy at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stafford, New Jersey. That does not include overdoses or using prescribed drugs unintended, that is PROPERLY PRESCRIBED, meaning you used it the way your Dr. told you to.

Humans have been referring to plants for assistance with dis-ease within the body for thousands of years, since there were humans and plants. Many medications today are derived from some molecule in the plant kingdom that they tried to duplicate in the lab because they recognize the potential benefits of those plant compounds.

Why not just use the plant? you ask…you cannot patent a plant and charge alot of money for the medicine derived from it because you didn’t create the plant. If you can duplicate that molecule in the lab, you can patent it, say it works for such and such diseases and make bank on any individual suffering from such and such disease.

Dangers of Prescriptions

Many people say, ‘ we are living longer today than we ever did & that is thanks to the breakthroughs in modern medicine with all of their procedures and new medications!’ Which sounds good unless you do the research and find that most of the medications side effects can cause so much damage and wreak so much havoc on your body that you can actually die! The FDA does not have your back, so don’t think for a second, ‘well those drugs are regulated.’             Check out these links for more info about it:

FDA by Drug Watch

FDA’s Drug Safety System Fails to Protect Public

Arthritis Drug Kills People

All of their medications have adverse effects on the body by stopping the bodies natural reactions to try and restore balance in the system. Many of them cause nausea because your body is trying to rid itself of the toxic substance you just put in it. Many of them block your body from producing melatonin which is necessary for your optimum sleep processes. Some of them block cholesterol, which is your bodies natural anti-inflammatory agent, your body produces it to patch damage in your arteries, if you have too much, curbing your diet is one way to reduce your cholesterol, not by trying to keep it lower with medication and continuing to eat foods that are causing inflammation and damage triggering your cholesterol, fever reducers-your body is doing its job trying to burn out an invader, after our bodies break a sweat with a fever, that sweat has natural antibacterial, antibiotic properties to it that can kill staph! Let your body do it’s job.

On a molecular level, our bodies can only process that which comes from the natural world. Our bodies were not made to process all of the chemicals, vaccines and medications we inject into it. It has nowhere to go, it sits somewhere, causes inflammation and some disease.

Whatever medication you are on, there is a plant that can do it better! Get off of your medications! Take back your health, don’t just stop taking your prescription by any means, many of them cause more adverse effects if you discontinue use without tapering it off. If your issue is high blood pressure, there are plants for that, thyroid dysfunction, there are plants for that, cancer, there are plants for that-no matter what kind it is, heart disease, there are plants for that, diabetes, there are plants for that, neurological disorders, there are plants for that, pain, etc. Take your body back from Big Pharma, tell them where to go, don’t do it yourself, and don’t do it all at once. But find a doctor you trust, ask them about natural alternatives to their medications, if they don’t know, research it yourself, find a Dr. you trust that has dealt with your condition before and feels confident about helping you switch over to a more natural, healthy, immune building way that will keep you out of the hospital, off of oxygen and enable you to have a better quality of life. If you have done your research correctly, they should mention some of the plants or supplements that you found in your search.

Even though it seems ok, now, at some point your body can take no more, find a better alternative, now, before you get to that point. Just remember, do it safely, under a Dr.s advice, if you end up killing yourself, you might as well of stayed on their medications! So do it responsibly, do it for yourself and do it now, enjoy the health and vitality that you deserve and that you were put here to enjoy!

Why Juice Is All That…

On Oct 5th, my 81 yr  old mother had a heart attack that included a blood clot that went partly to her brain, disabling her right arm. She could still move it, awkwardly, not like it was part of her, some communication seemed to be lacking between the brain and the hand, whether is was neurological, muscular or skeletal in origin, I’m not really sure. But she just couldn’t turn her wrist, like to feed herself. She had to lean way over to her hand and couldn’t hold the utensil at all, half the time she held it upside down & the food would fall off. I would always wonder why it was easier to hold it upside down, instead of the right way, but was just glad that she was trying to use it.

I went right to the closest health food store & started diffusing frankincense oil & lemon eucalyptus. The first 3 days after the heart attack, she didn’t use it at all. I kept asking her about it, because nurses would ask her if she’s lefty.  ‘Can you grip the walker with both hands, Mom?’ I’d ask her, ‘Yup,’ she’d say, but wouldn’t do it, no matter how much I encouraged her to squeeze with that hand, she wouldn’t although agreeing with me the whole time that she would. I was like, ‘do you try and you can’t or how does it feel?’ she said, ‘It feels weak & like I can’t get it to move the way I want, I can’t bend or twist my wrist.’ But she could squeeze it if she tried real hard.

She also had kidney failure with the heart attack, so her kidneys are weak & they are watching them closely. On the 10th, she started having a really bad pain her foot, right in the middle of it. I looked in my Clinical Kinesiology book & found that it was right on her kidney meridian, imagine that?! So, I did Accupressure on it & every other point of her body that I could reach. The next day, I went & got a juicer & made her some fresh, organic, veggie juice, which she drank half of a cup of. I went and ran errands, when I came back, she flexed her wrist all around to show me how great it was & told me how she fed herself, did not spill anything, which hadn’t happened since she woke up & started trying to feed herself!

The power of vital nutrients that the body needs are components necessary for cellular regeneration after any disease. The body can assimilate the nutrients found in nature. In the hospital setting, all they are doing is pumping you or a loved one full of medication! Some might be necessary, all have side effects and are foreign to the body. Our bodies get an instant shot of nutrition burst into the bloodstream when we drink fresh juice. Like nothing else, vitamins in a capsule are good, but if you can get it straight from the plant, there’s nothing better. You can get everything and more than what your body needs for a day in one cup of delicious juice. Sooo many diseases today stem from poor nutrition & toxic food, either genetically modified, microwaved, processed….it’s the SAD diet~

Standard American Diet.

In trying to help my mom, I realized, they weren’t going to let me give her all of the necessary vitamins that I bought at the health food store, you know, they get all freaked out about any pills that might not have any adverse side effects. I told the Dr. I was concerned about her nutritional requirements, so he ordered a multivitamin. I researched the vitamin he prescribed for her & found it caused, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, nausea, swelling of the face, lips, hands, feet, etc. This is the vitamin they are giving her!! So that’s when I realized, I will go buy a juicer & blender & make her fresh juice & smoothies everyday, what can they say about that? And you would not believe how much she has improved! They talked to her about not being able to live alone again on to just going into rehab, to maybe not even needing rehab! They told her they were concerned about her kidneys, the Dr. said today, your kidneys have started to improve over the last couple of days….she’s been drinking juice over the last couple of days!

Make no mistake, you can do this too, it’s not magic, it’s nature, as intended, unadulterated, if you have a sick loved one, don’t leave them to the Dr.s, unless it’s cancer, (depending on the treatment, some cannot drink juice at certain times) bring them organic juice! And bring them organic smoothies, you will see how quickly they improve! A dose is an 8 oz cup, my mom has even been drinking Sprite & coffee, so it’s not like she changed everything, she is still on a ton of medication, not eating all that she should, but you know what, she is still getting better…

and that is why JUICE IS ALL THAT   🙂



Why is inflammation so bad?

Anyone who has inflammation can tell you why it’s so bad, generally, it hurts, it’s uncomfortable and prolonged inflammation can actually even trigger cancer. Inflammation can be caused by a number of factors and can occur in many places all over the body. Luckily, we have plant medicine, all over the world, no matter where we are, the plants growing around us have anti-inflammatory properties. That is the beauty of herbs and essential oils! This could explain why so many plants have similar properties because they are needed all over the world. So, if you are not fortunate enough to have a Boswellia tree growing near you to extract Frankincense from, it’s ok because you probably have oregano or sage or turmeric, etc.

A few common health problems that are linked back to inflammation range from cancer and heart disease to diabetes and obesity. Our diet is a huge factor, since GMO’s have been introduced into the diet, America has just gotten sicker and sicker, we have the best medicine available everyone says, yet we are the sickest country….

GMO’s cause inflammation, our body doesn’t recognize them as food, so there is no way to process it. Our bodies function meticulously, perfectly in infinite harmony with each body system, unless we eat genetically modified organisms, none of the systems in your body know what to do with it. Molecularly, it doesn’t match anything in Nature that our bodies know how to digest. So, each system is like,’ I’m not taking it, you take it,’ and so on, kinda like hot potato, ’til it ends up just sitting somewhere causing inflammation. This is a vicious cycle that goes on every time you eat, if you are not eating organic food. EVERY time, you know how stressful that gets for your body?

Stress can cause inflammation….Ofcourse, inflammation is caused by other factors, but for the sake of this blog, we are sticking to one subject. Inflammation damages your cells and arterial walls and can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, arthritis, digestive disorders, etc.  Every day the choices we are making are either causing inflammation or reducing inflammation….think about that….especially if you are trying to cure, prevent or rid your body of disease. So think about that, the next time you go to eat something, is this going to cause inflammation or is it going to reduce it?

By simply adding spices to our food and eating an organic diet, we can minimize inflammation. Many of our household spices contain anti-inflammatory properties, such as ginger, turmeric, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, etc. Seaweed also has awesome anti-inflammatory properties, an ancient Chinese text says, ‘There is no swelling that Seaweed cannot relieve.’ There are different kinds of seaweed available for cooking in shaker containers, such as Dulse or Kelp Granules. Just shake it on everything you eat. Many fruits and vegetables actually have anti-inflammatory properties to them as well. Make sure you eat lots of fruits and veggies and remember before you take a bite~is this going to cause inflammation or reduce it….Print