‘I know all about CBD, I smoke it everyday…’ Wrong!

As a CBD formulator, I get this all of the time when folks approach my booth and I ask them if they are familiar with CBD products. Many of them get a smirk on their face and a twinkle in their eye and they say, ‘Yea, I am,’ enthusiastically! When I ask if they’d like to try a couple of drops under their tongue, some say, ‘I just burned one before I came here, got my CBD’s! Hee hee’  But what they don’t realize is that most recreational growers have tried to breed the CBD OUT of their plants or to a minimum.

You see, CBD mitigates the effects of THC…meaning that it prevents you from getting super high. It evens it out for you, which is great for someone who needs the benefits of THC, but feels paranoia or anxiety or just a ‘high’ that they don’t want to experience. But they don’t want to turn to pharmaceuticals, these patients can experiment with CBD AND THC together. By finding that perfect balance for yourself, you can not only balance out the effects of the THC, but also gain the benefits of the CBD. So, by balancing out one, you are not losing anything, you are actually gaining. Combining the two actually stimulates what’s called ‘The Entourage Effect’ which is the subject of another blog previously written….  /The Entourage Effect~

Because CBD mitigates the effects of THC, most recreational growers have bred the CBD out of many popular strains that people smoke. As a recreational grower, job security lies not in a product with no psychoactive component to it that will not get you high. Most recreational users are looking for and enjoy the psychoactive component. Many folks who enter my booth or inquire about my products are disappointed when I tell them that there is no psychoactive component to our products.

For patients who go to a dispensary for their medicine containing THC and CBD there is a ratio on the container such as 2:1 this would mean 2 parts THC to one part CBD, you’d have to check tho, some do it the other way around, CBD: THC…it usually will say right next to it, such as, 2:1 THC/CBD so that you know which one is first. If you were looking for something with no psychoactive component, you would be looking more for a 2:1 ratio with CBD first, so that most of it is CBD, not THC. If you try it out at night when you don’t have to see anyone, drive anywhere, etc. you can experiment with it to find the perfect balance for yourself. If you can’t find the perfect balance being offered, you can adjust yourself, by adding a few drops of CBD oil to up your CBD dose. And that is the beauty of it, is that it is a safe medicine that you can experiment with and not have to worry about overdosing or taking too much. If you take too much, you might get tired or feel silly, nothing to really worry too much about and if you don’t like it, you’ll fall asleep easily if you try!

All of the information included in this blog are strictly for informational purposes, and are not meant to replace the advice of a physician….


Why Can’t I Sleep 8 Hours a Night?

People are asking themselves this question more and more, with all of the media stressing the importance of 8 hours of sleep a night, for those who aren’t able to accomplish that, they’re left feeling inadequate, or dysfunctional or like there is something wrong with them. I get it all of the time, people coming in my booth looking for insomnia relief products wondering what is wrong with them, why they can’t sleep a full night and most of the time they report being able to fall asleep ok, but then they ‘wake up halfway thru the night.’ And while I can help them stay asleep, I also try to help them understand that for some, that is not really ‘natural.’ Maybe because of your work schedule, you need to be able to sleep in one long continuous stretch, but that does not mean that this is the way that your body prefers. If you begin to understand and acknowledge this, you may begin to realize why this is not something that comes natural to you. Did our ancestors sleep 8 hours a night and what is Biphasic sleeping?

Biphasic sleeping refers to breaking up your sleep pattern into two segments instead of one~monophasic sleep in which one sleeps for a straight 8 hour stretch. It seems that other cultures that live more closely to the ways our ancestors did, sleep 5-6.5 hours per night and then nap later in the day. For some, this kind of sleep pattern is more natural than accomplishing all of the sleep that their bodies require in one time period. Some cultures, such as Spain and Greece, live this way and refer to these as ‘siestas,’ I’m sure you’ve heard that term. People who practice biphasic sleep report being more alert and productive, having better cognitive function, not feeling tired all of the time.

The beginning of the Industrial Revolution, Electricity, the age of Illumination and the current modern day workplace, is where we see the shift from previous sleep patterns, and continue to make it difficult for people to enjoy the benefits of biphasic sleep. Our ancestors went to bed when it got dark, slept a few hours, then got up and did some light activity as they didn’t have the luxury of sleeping much more than that, as the fire might need to be tended, as well as animals, children, etc. They would then take a nap a few hours later. These naps are crucial as this is the other part of your ‘getting enough rest.’ Your body does need a specific  amount of sleep over a 24 hour period, but it doesn’t have to be all in one long stretch, especially if it doesn’t come natural to you. I had a woman who had recently retired, in my booth, and she explained the many benefits she was experiencing by practicing this kind of sleep schedule.

For folks who take prescription medication to try to get to sleep, many of them don’t feel refreshed upon waking because a ‘drug induced’ sleep does not have the same physiological  effect on your body as when your body naturally falls asleep. Which is why plant medicine delivers such outstanding results as it is familiar molecules and compounds to the ones your body naturally produces triggering neurotransmitters in your brain to secrete hormones specific to the plant’s properties.

A few ideas you can try if you’re experiencing insomnia is picturing the color purple, sometimes I tell folks to imagine they are sailing on a purple sea…turn off your T.V, computer, phone, electronic device 2 hours before you plan to fall asleep….turn off your wireless router….don’t eat any sugar or consume any caffeine related products after a certain time of day so that it does not interfere with you being able to sleep….be grateful, feelings of gratitude shift your brain’s chemistry….meditate daily and let the stress of living go, not tear you apart   😉

Sweet Dreams  ❤

What is Psychoactive?

In my profession, there is a clear and definitive opinion on THC. When I tell some of my customers that there is only .3% of THC in my products, some of them feel better. Relieved even. That there is no chance that they will, ‘get high.’ Because either they have had a bad association with it, in the past, their parents always told them it was bad, they remember being a child and hearing commercials on the radio about it’s detrimental factors, they remember seeing on TV, the effects of THC and it’s ‘psychoactive components’ and they want to make sure to have no part of that. Then, I have some customers that when I tell them that there is only .3% THC in my products, that say, ‘Oh, too bad!’ and are disappointed. When I tell them the products are made with Hemp, they were hoping it was made with Cannabis. There is so much stigma around THC and it has been given such a bad reputation, the stigma is so severe, that some people would actually choose death over using this medicinal plant. Then we have Hemp, which if grown legally, should not have more than .3% THC.  So, it can’t get you, ‘high.’  THC is the active ingredient that is considered, ‘psychoactive.’ But here is where we arrive at the subject for this blog, what is psychoactive and what’s wrong with it? To some people psychoactive means, ‘being high,’  means you act silly, laugh alot, smile, eat a lot of food… right?  This is what most people consider, ‘being high’  or that’s what they think it is, anyway.  And for some, depending on their consumption, and many other factors, this can be what it’s like. Especially, for a ‘recreational user,’ who is just trying to have fun. But, what if, the people who were afraid of a psychoactive component didn’t have anything to be afraid of? What if, ‘psychoactive’ meant having a different way of looking at things… what if, ‘psychoactive’  meant being more creative…what if, ‘psychoactive’  meant feeling more relaxed…what if ‘psychoactive’  meant having more patience…what if ‘psychoactive’  meant that it gave you a different perspective…what if ‘psychoactive’ meant that you were stimulating parts of your brain that you never have before? Do you see where I’m going with this? Psychoactive does not have to mean ‘getting high.’ Psychoactive does not have to mean ‘detrimental’…it means that it alters your perception, your consciousness, you’re way of looking at things, if you are an uptight, aggravated, impatient, sad, depressed, anxious, sleepless, irritable person, would that be such a bad thing? And for those of you who are reading this and are completely like, ‘I am perfect, just the way I am, and don’t need to ever look at things differently or open up my mind, at all, ever. ‘  You too, can benefit from the Cannabis plant, without any of the psychoactivity. CBD mitigates the effects of THC. Meaning that if you use a plant that has higher proportions  of CBD in it, than THC,  that you will not feel ‘high.’ But the THC will still be there, so you will be able to achieve the benefits from it, without the psychoactive component.  All you would need to do, is when purchasing your product, you would ask about the CBD/THC ratio and you can experiment with it. Then you don’t have to worry about having your mind or perception or consciousness adjusted at all, because of the higher percentage of CBD, but your body will receive all of the benefits of the THC, and depending on what medical condition you have, you need it! Everyone has an Endocannabinoid System  with CB1 and CB2 receptors all throughout our bodies, regulating just about every physiological function that we have. And depending on each individual, some have medical conditions because they are so deficient and would benefit greatly by using CBD and THC. Both of these are cannabinoids found in the Hemp/Cannabis plant. There are many medical conditions that are Endocannabinoid deficiencies such as, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, IBS, menstrual cramps, migraines, MS, Seizure Disorders, etc. what does that mean? That means that if people who suffer from those conditions took CBD/THC oil they would be able to overcome these conditions. They have found that children who suffer from ADD, ADHD and Autism function better, communicate more clearly and are more vocal using CBD/THC oil versus pharmaceutical medications that have never been tested on children, because that would be illegal. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you have to have the THC to receive the benefits of this plant. I’ve been producing products with CBD oil and I have had amazing results from the folks who have used my products, suffering from all kinds of conditions and ailments, but what I am saying is you don’t need to look down your nose at people who do choose to use CBD oil that has THC in it. That you don’t need to judge people who choose to smoke cannabis, or vape cannabis, or eat cannabis, etc., because they have not been tricked by all the propaganda and the stigma around it, because they choose to use a medicine with no side effects, that is non-toxic, that has no lethal overdose, that they know that if their child or baby comes across it accidentally, will not die ….and that that is their own choice.

Colonoscopy, my doctor wants me to get one. ‘It’s a Routine Procedure,’… famous last words….

What does that mean? A ‘Routine Procedure’? It, apparently, is supposed to mean it’s one that they do all of the time. Meaning what? That there is no risk involved? That they do it so often that they know how? If you look up the definition of ‘routine procedure’, it says something like, ‘When a doctor says that something is a “routine procedure”, it means that he or she often does it, and it’s nothing new or scary.’ Really?…. well I have a couple of stories that I SINCERELY wish I didn’t have.

OK, here’s a story, that’s not a very good one. My friend called and told me his doctor wanted him to have a colonoscopy, he asked me what I thought about it. I warned him not to do it! I told him that having the procedure ups your mortality by 157%. I told him about a friend that I had who had mentioned she was getting a colonoscopy and asked me if I knew anything about it. I didn’t. But after all of my research and education, those kind of tests are not good, so I told her that. ‘I’ll look it up tonite and let you know tomorrow what I find,’ I told her….

Well, when I researched it from trusted sources, everything pointed to a big, ‘NO.’ My research found that it ups your mortality by 157%. (You can look that one up if you don’t know what it means). I also found that anything that they would find in a colonoscopy, could be found in a stool sample, so why not start there, first?

They say that they want to do it to see if there are any polyps…cancerous growths. But the only issue with that is, if there was, shoving a tube through your colon would cause them to be disrupted and released all throughout your body. Metastisize is what they call it when cancer spreads to other parts, instead of staying isolated in one area. This is what colonoscopies cause.




I told her my findings…’Well, I already have it scheduled,’ she said. I told her, ‘It’s your body and your choice, noone can make you do it and if you cancel the appt. noone really cares, they just schedule someone else in…’ ‘Well, I told my Dr. I would, it’s coming right up,’ she said, ‘I can’t cancel it, now.’

I didn’t see her for a couple of weeks, when I saw her again, she said, ‘Michele, I had that colonoscopy, damn near killed me!!’ ‘I was so sick for the next week, couldn’t get up, I was throwing up, it was awful. When I saw my Dr. again, I told her, I’m never going to do that again, that was horrible, I was sick as a dog my whole vacation, I couldn’t even get out of bed! And do you know what she told me, ‘ she asked me. ‘No, what,’ I said. ‘She told me, that it’s ok, I don’t have to. That whatever they can find from one of those, they can see in a stool sample! Then why didn’t you give me one of those, I asked her?!’

I told my buddy this story, and he said, ‘I bet if you go look on the internet, you can find other sources that say just the opposite, that it’s a completely safe procedure.’ I told him that these were TRUSTED sources that I checked with, (I haven’t included, here, all of the research I did. I have only included a couple of articles.) But some friends told him it’s a ‘routine procedure’, that they had it done, and it was fine. Unfortunately, he went and had it done. During the procedure, they poked a hole in his colon, unbeknownst to him, he went to work the next day, felt sick. Went to his local doctor after he noticed a fever, who sent him to the emergency room where they found he had a tear in his colon. He seriously could have died! This is what he’s left with, hospitalized for a week, this huge scar, and four weeks of recovery….all for a ‘routine’ procedure. My friend told me that he found out that they can do a test that is noninvasive to see if you have cancer. Now, he really wishes that they had done that one. He wanted me to share this with you, so that this does not happen to you. I feel so bad for him.


This above link is the consent form for a ‘routine procedure!’ Here is a couple of the risks:

Uncommon risks and complications include:
About 1 person in every 1,000 will accidentally
get a hole (perforation) to the bowel causing
leakage of bowel contents into the abdomen.
Surgery may be needed to repair the hole.
About 1 person in every 100 will experience a
significant bleed from the bowel where a polyp
was removed. Further endoscopy, a blood
transfusion or an operation may be necessary.
Heart and lung problems such as heart attack or
vomit in the lungs causing pneumonia.
Emergency treatment may be necessary.
Stroke resulting in brain damage.
An existing medical condition that you may
already have getting worse.
….that no guarantee has been made that the
procedure will improve my condition even though
it has been carried out with due professional care.
Ok…now that is an awful lot of risks, SERIOUS RISKS for a ‘ROUTINE PROCEDURE’ don’t you think? If you think your body is having issues, make changes, you don’t need a test that could kill you, to know. You feel it, you know when your body is functioning at it’s optimal level and you know when it’s not. Conventional medicine has so many diagnosis’, prognosis’ and diseases, it’s hard to keep them all straight.  Chinese Medicine teaches us to treat the patient, not the disease. What are the symptoms? What is trying to be relieved. Too much heat, too much cold, etc. and then the treatment is based on trying to replenish what is absent or abstain from what there is too much of.  It’s much to extensive to go into in this blog. The point is, sure, it’s good to know what’s going on but if finding out means that you risk, perforation in your bowel, a heart attack, a stroke, brain damage or death, odds are whatever is bothering you is going to take a significant amount of time before it gets to that deadly level of risk. If there is a non-invasive test that you can have, than, sure, why not? But what if you didn’t have anything that bad wrong with you and you ended up with a stroke, perforated bowel, heart attack or dying? The treatment should not exceed the disease! I’m not sure in what book that say’s it’s ok. At the bottom of this page is links to another test that they have come up with 92% accuracy and it’s a stool sample. Why risk death if you’re trying to avoid it?
Pharmaceutical companies and Dr.s love to say that the risks of the disease outweigh the side effects of the medication and procedures, but is that really the case when death or stroke is a side effect? What could be worse than that? Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm….

The Entourage Effect~We Need More THC!

First discovered in 1988, by EB Russo, the Entourage Effect describes the benefits of full spectrum medicine and the results that can be achieved versus medicine comprised of a single molecule.

What does this mean?

A single molecule, an isolated compound that has been removed from its original state existing within a complex structure combined with other compounds that complement it’s properties in a synergistic way.

The number of cannabinoids found in the Hemp/Cannabis plant are growing all of the time due to research, we know there at least 80 different cannabinoids present. CBD and THC are only 2 of them, in the research that has been done, these two cannabinoids have been been found to treat over 250 known medical conditions. Yes, you heard that right!

In this research, they discovered the incredible benefits of the two combined versus separate. There are also over 500 different compounds found in the plant, over 200 different terpenes. Terpenes are the aroma you smell from any plant when you get a whiff of the flower’s own characteristic terpene profile.

These various molecules each have their own properties accompanying feelings, moods, etc. that are specific to that plant’s constitution. Just within the Terpene family alone, and how they work together is a subject for another blog. Within the Hemp/Cannabis plant, each Terpene affects disease in it’s own way and certain Terpenes target specific diseases more effectively than others.

In his research, Dr. Russo found that the results of full spectrum medicine caused 2-4x greater effects than THC alone. Another study found full spectrum medicine produced effects 330% higher.

CBD mitigates the effects of THC, in combination the results have been incredible, alone the studies have shown each cannabinoid to have amazing results, for some who have tried one or the other and have claimed to not have seen any results, such as someone who has tried smoking pot before and someone who has tried CBD Oil before. Neither one of them have equal parts.

Because CBD mitigates the psychoactive effects of THC, most recreational growers have been breeding varieties with little or no CBD, so that the psychoactive components are not interfered with. Most CBD Oils on the market only contain .3% THC, as this is the legal amount allowed. So, neither one of these mediums is an effective application of the synergistic effects of these two cannabinoids together.

In my experience, more people achieve the desired results with even just one of the cannabinoids than with any other medicine available to mankind at this time. But for that small percent of people who claim to not have seen the results they desire from CBD, maybe they need a little more THC in their CBD Oil than the legal limit allows, in that case, you could get your medical marijuana card and you would have access to many different ratios of CBD and THC combinations and you could use your instincts to adjust your dose to the desired effects. For example, if you needed 200mg of CBD oil to achieve the desired results for anxiety, you might reach it sooner with a ratio of 2mg of CBD and 2mg of THC, because they complement each other and all of the components found in the plant help to deliver the plant’s properties to the specific cells that they need to be delivered to as well as assisting in the proper release and absorption of the compounds, etc. Accordingly, if a patient experimented with THC alone, perhaps they need to up the CBD, various strains have different ratios and these can be smoked, vaped, ingested in oil or edibles.

So much more are present as well, including vitamins A, C and E, naturally occurring B Complex, minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, contains all 20 amino acids.  So if for some reason, you have not achieved the desired results with the Cannabis plant, perhaps, it was because all of the plant’s beneficial components were not present or maybe you just didn’t have your ratios down. Because we all have an Endocannabinoid System, there is really no reason why it shouldn’t work for you, too. Be patient, figure out the dose right for you and feel the healing begin…


Ever wonder where it goes?

I’ve had people tell me they don’t eat organic food, they think everything is poisonous, doesn’t matter what you eat, drink, wear, consume, it’s all toxic….they spray chemical fertilizers on their gardens, they use chemical pesticides on their veggies and fruit and the majority of the time, they have more health problems than they can count and don’t see any correlation. Because I am so strict about organic food and have been for years, I have actually had people with cancer tell my children when they were little that, ‘… it doesn’t matter what you eat, look at me! I eat whatever I want!’ I didn’t say it to them directly, but was thinking, ‘Don’t you have cancer?’ Two different people who had cancer told my daughters that when they were little, unfortunately one has passed.

Truth is we CAN avoid toxins, especially in our gardens, it is the most important place to start. Because whatever we spray on our vegetables or work into our soil becomes the soil. If it is toxic, then so is your soil and your vegetables. Leaching into the water supply, affecting the microorganisms, animals, plants, etc.

We cannot assume that if the FDA or EPA approves a pesticide or fertilizer and says it’s ok to spray on our gardens that this means it’s safe. While many other countries ban toxic herbicides, American crops are grown with such potentially carcinogenic substances as Round up (glyphosate) and atrazine. Never heard of that one? It is actually the most prevalent chemical contaminant in U.S. water supplies. It’s just like DDT, they made it illegal to use in the U.S., so they ship it to Mexico to grow food with and then we buy the food from Mexico that was grown in it….

The problem with these chemicals is they don’t stay where they are sprayed, they leach into the water supply. Nearly 90 percent of the water tested by the USDA has atrazine residue in it.

What does that mean to you? Atrazine is an Endocrine Disruptor. Endocrine disruptions can cause adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects in people and wildlife. Our Endocrine System is the same as our hormone system, including hormone secreting glands and is in charge of regulating blood sugar, our reproductive systems, metabolism, brain function and the nervous system. Disrupting our hormones can lead to serious consequences, one hormone out of whack can have serious ripple effects throughout the body. It has also been linked to birth defects. The effects of this chemical on our bodies is too extensive for this blog, you can research it for yourself, it’s not good.

So, what can you do?

You can use a water filter, look for one that is certified to remove atrazine.

Buy Organic~this is the only way to ensure you are eating clean food. And it’s not just for the food you are eating, you are also supporting a healthy ecosystem, clean drinking water, clean air, love and devotion for our planet, our environment and all of the species that share it.

Contact Your Legislature~Right now, they are trying to lift and rescind laws set in place to protect us from this very issue. The House of Representatives is about to pass Big Ag’s dream bill. This year’s farm bill repeals critical environmental and public health protections – like those that prevent pesticides from getting in our drinking water – while expanding loopholes that have allowed millionaire landowners to stuff their pockets with taxpayer dollars for years.

The farm bill is a massive piece of legislation that has a big impact on our food, air and water. It gets reauthorized every five years and, each time, Big Ag chips away at the protections this bill is meant to ensure. Just look at what this year’s bill would do:

  • Roll back clean water rule regulations and allow farmers to spray pesticides straight into waterways – including those that are drinking water sources!
  • Prevent cities and counties from taking action on pesticides polluting their communities. It would also rescind any existing local regulations.
  • Expand loopholes that allow millionaire landowners to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars, without ever lifting a finger on a farm.

There is something you can do, right now, do your part and click the link below to tell Congress to stand up for healthy farms and people! Make you dollar your voice, only support organic farmers doing the right thing for the planet. Have a clean conscious, know that your choices are impacting your children, the animals, the planet and our future generations in a positive, healthy way!

single drop


CBD Isolate

99% Pure, NO THC. That’s it. My CBD Oil that I get from Denmark contains .03% THC, which unfortunately, depending on what they test for, if you get tested, might show up on a drug test. Granted, if they retest, it will come up a false positive, but still, why draw attention to yourself, right?

CBD Isolate on the other hand does not have any THC, 0%. Within the Hemp Plant there are over 400 different compounds found, over 200 different terpenes, 80 different cannabinoids, flavinoids, etc. Terpenes are responsible for the aroma wafting into your nostrils from a plant. Not just Hemp or Cannabis, any flower or herb, when you smell a pungent whiff of a flower, it is the Terpenes that you are smelling. In CBD Isolate, the majority of these have all been removed. The Isolate that is used in my preparations is from a CO2 Extraction, which is very clean and does not use any solvents. After the CBD Oil is extracted, it goes through a further process in which all of the different compounds that I mentioned above found in the plant are removed including the plant waxes. What is left is a crystalline white powder like substance~CBD Isolate!

This crystalline substance holds all of the potential benefits just waiting to be unlocked. It can be vaped, used in recipes or blended into CBD Oil. That’s what I’m going to do with it….Some folks inquire about my oil but when they find out that it contains .03% THC, it becomes unavailable or untouchable if you will because of drug testing at work, probation, etc. I always tell people if it’s a matter of you losing your job or going to jail, topical is probably the best choice for you. It will not show up on a drug test the same as oral administration will.

But NOW, I will have CBD Oil, with NO THC!! I have acquired the Isolate and am excited to make this product available for people who couldn’t have access to this valuable medicine before. Now, those who have a history or a future they are trying to shape, within a narrow frame, can gain the same relief as everyone else without having to risk incarceration or unemployment!